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My Mask

My Mask

Behind a mask I hide,
but I swear it hides from me
For every mirror eyed,
my mask I cannot see

Behind a mask I ask
a question fit for me:
Which one of these personas
do I intend to be?

Which mask is mine to own
and which is not for me?
For two's too many people
for one to not be free

I'm locked inside my home
and no one has the key
I'm the one you see alone
yet another deep in me

My skin or what's within's
the ruse that I must be
when looked upon by you
or when I look upon the me

Behind a mask I wait
but no answer comes to me
I guess I am what I am on the outside
and I am what I can't see.

A Wish

A Wish

I fell into a wishing well
wishing it were hell
I crossed my heart and hoped to die
the moment that I fell

Fingers crossed and never lost,
I know just where I am
As I lie and never die,
I never understand

Why I sink upon the brink
Of disasters seen
As I think, I never blink
But live within a dream

In a well in which I fell,
I look unto the sky
I pinch myself 'cause nothing else
was ever worth a try

Shooting stars have come and gone
But nothing's ever stayed
Broken glass, my mirror's past
can't become unmade

Things I've done I've never won
But there never was a game
And still I've lost upon a cross
All that's real is pain

Although I've heard the wisest words
Say to me in vane
"The rainbows only come, my friend,
after all the rain"

I hear 'em not, my only thought
Is to believe that I have sinned
While sinking I
Saw a guy
Every now and then

A winking eye, I'm thinking I
Have been deceived now once again
Still I'm winking back, thinking back
To a time that's never been

All the time I could've done
Something more than drown
All these times in my mind
They're an illusion to me now

I'm in a well that isn't hell
But as it starts to rain,
I'm here without a wound
in the midst of all my pain.

Flown Away

Flown Away

I want you to hold me
like I've never
been held
I want you above me
want you to love me
once more

I've seen a bird
And I've seen a million things
that have never gone
my way

To be on this side
of a fantasy
feels wrong
Wish I had arms to reach you
but no arms have ever been made
that long

I've seen a bird
I wish I could choose the things
and instead lose the things
that stay

It's not much of a sunrise
without your eyes,
that's true
But if I had to,
I'd watch it all explode
with you

I've seen a bird
but maybe -
just maybe -
it's flown

metaphored reality

metaphored reality

I've got this house
inside of me ---
a metaphored reality.

But I'm an open door,
so pardon me
if all I'm asking for's
the simile
of if I'm the door
then you're the key.

This heartbeat inside of me
pounds and pounds from deep inside
til my soul's the hole
that hides my pride.

You know I've cried,
but 'seed's need rain'
is what I've told myself
once again.

And you know I've lied
when i say that pain's
anything but the worst of things.

You know I've tried
to go insane,
but this mind of mine has clipped my wings.

Truly a Hero of Mine

Truly a Hero of Mine

At least love has given me something
It may not be everything
It's given me the desire to fly one day
and the ability to have a dream

So I'll always try to fly somehow
though heartache is all that it brings
I just know I've gotta fly one day
because my heart is blessed to have wings

In a world that's forever imprisoned,
we find it was never our crime
The world in its blood like a church-
a blood so pure and fine

Some say the blood is our crimson
Some say the blood is our wine
I say we're all free to keep searching,
but freedom is never to find

And all through the years that have blackened,
a beacon to those unaware
And all through the tears that have blinded,
the sight for those never there

And all through the fear that has frightened,
giving in could never compare
As every step of a stair that is taken
is just a step amongst the stairs

My dream is to keep others dreaming
My dream is to make 'em all true
For why dream and dream and keep dreaming,
if that's all that you'll ever do

But I dream and I dream, and I'm dreaming
if I think that I'll make it all true
But I'll dream and I'll dream, as I'm dreaming
for everyone and anyone too

But love has forsaken in darkness
and passion has been but a lie
And I try to ease some of their darkness
by giving light and a reason to fly

Love's only given me little,
but still I'm destined to try
because I've had so many heroes
with souls refusing to die

And at least love's given me something
and it may only be part of the sky
And though my wings have certainly failed me,
my dreams all know better to die

As in 'em I'll always keep flying
though heartache is all that it brings
For I know I've gotta fly someday
because my heart is blessed to have wings

Not that I've ever been martyred
Not that I've fought and I've died
But because I'm here and I'm willing
and I'll always be willing to try
That's why
I'm truly a hero of mine

Dedicated to all the heroic individuals who have lived and to all of those who have died... but mostly dedicated to the notion that we all have something heroic inside of us. Happy MLK Day.

Her Heart

Her Heart

She was holding her heart
on a sunny day
She was holding her heart
It must've got away

It looked like it broke
and she saw the pieces fall
It looked like she picked them up
but couldn't get them all

She was holding her heart
on a rainy day
There were nothing but blue skies
but it rained anyway

Now I've heard people say
Don't trust a brokenhearted soul
Someone told me today
Don't trust a brokenhearted soul
I heard they'll take
your heart I'm told
They'll take the warmest heart
and turn it cold
I heard they'll take your heart
and trade it in for gold
They'll take every piece of their heart
and trade 'em in for wholes

She was holding her heart
on a rainy day
There were nothing but blue skies
but it rained anyway

And so I had her in mind
from so long ago
Once she touched my eyes
I'd never let her go

I had her in my mind
and in my heart I know
But I don't know when or how
she got in my soul

She was holding my heart
on a sunny day
From the first time I saw her
I was here to stay

But those who said it were right
We couldn't last for long
I thought since she's never seen right,
she wouldn't do me wrong

Those who said it were right
We didn't last for long
They said she couldn't do right
'cause she's only been wronged

She was holding my heart
on a rainy day
I did nothing but right
but she wronged me anyway

Now I was holding a frame
just the other day
I was holding our frame
It must've got away

It looked like it broke
I saw the pieces fall
I thought I picked them up
but I couldn't get them all

Now I want us smiling like
the photograph above
I want us smiling like
our photograph of love

Before the broken frame
fell off the wall
Before we woke in pain
When we had it all

Before we let today
slowly slip away
I want us smiling like
it was still yesterday

When she was holding her heart
on that rainy day
When there were nothing but blue skies
while it rained anyway

With Eyes Like Sky

With Eyes Like Sky

With eyes like sky, she only cried
when joy shed all her fettered tears
A mother's shine on child smiled
on what had been the lonely years

With hands like shore, a smiled child
drowned no longer in her fears
A father gone while all the while
her mom was always here

With eyes like sky right by her side,
she's never felt alone
A daughter sleep in mother's shine
in arms just like a home

A heart of water and air of soul
surround the little girl
who luckily, she luckily
gets to see her mother be her world

With eyes like sky right by her side
even when she's all alone
So luckily, she motherly
gets her baby on the phone

With eyes like sky still shining down
on a smiley little girl,
they luckily so luckily
are both each other's world

Soapbox (The Knowledge of Youth)

Soapbox (The Knowledge of Youth)

Messianic soapboxing from a juvenile,
but who better to speak the truth?
Blind man in a mass convened for a while
in a congregational crwth

Everyone listened while I stood in the aisle,
for I refused to sit on a pew
Stood in the stile in a bit of a rile,
for what's a child to do?

But maybe I stood in a bit of denial
because who better to speak the truth
Who better to speak it than one who's a child
who's never been lied to?

The blind man sat with a hint of a smile
Something I couldn't do
I made it through the doors without his espial
but I still unfortunately knew

But as I thought of the kid, as I thought of the child
as I thought of the knowledge of youth
I said to myself with a hint of a smile,
"What's a child to do?"

I returned to the church after walking a mile-
after walking in my own damn shoes
I met another man in a bit of denial
sitting on a makeshift pew

He said "On a stand, all he is is a child
still no taller than me or you"
I smiled like a blind man who could see for a while
and said, "Yea,
but he speaks the truth"



Why. As an adverb, it's used to ask or talk about the reason, purpose, or cause.

As an interjection, it's used as an exclamation to express surprise, shock, or indignation.

As a conjunction, it's simply "the reason that".

As a noun, it's the reason itself.

As an excuse, there's always someone else who's not using it as he or she is doing the exact same job better than you.

Why. As a morning cry, it's the realization that yet another dream hasn't come true.
Why. As an answer, it's meaningless.
Why. As an answer, at times it's the most valid, profound, and valiant form of action.
Why? Because true change doesn't happen unless you question the way things have been thought throughout the years.

Why. It's a calm and simple question, but at times it's all that can silently be heard through a storm of tears.
Why? Because at times it's all you can sighingly say.
Why, why not, why do we have to go another day living this way?

Why. As a despondent dream, it's one you never should've seen.
Why. As I desolate scream, it's one that shouldn't be.

Why. In my opinion, it's used far too often.
Why? Why must I?
Why not he?
Why not she?
Why not me?

Why. In my opinion, it's not used enough.
Why? Why am I?
Why is he?
Why not me?
Why not now?
Why not change the world I see?

Why- The most asked question on earth.
Why- The least answered question you'll ever find.
But why?...

That's a question I'll leave for you to decide.



Hands that used to be
on clocks on empty walls
have blood upon their feathered selves
dying from their fall

They once soared high and mighty
like the times in which they flew
So much good and wonder-
the times they never knew

Time's slowly dying
to never move again
So slow in pained misfortune
are the times that I'm within

It seems the only question-
now has always been-
is will my precious time
ever fly again?