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With Eyes Like Sky

With Eyes Like Sky

With eyes like sky, she only cried
when joy shed all her fettered tears
A mother's shine on child smiled
on what had been the lonely years

With hands like shore, a smiled child
drowned no longer in her fears
A father gone while all the while
her mom was always here

With eyes like sky right by her side,
she's never felt alone
A daughter sleep in mother's shine
in arms just like a home

A heart of water and air of soul
surround the little girl
who luckily, she luckily
gets to see her mother be her world

With eyes like sky right by her side
even when she's all alone
So luckily, she motherly
gets her baby on the phone

With eyes like sky still shining down
on a smiley little girl,
they luckily so luckily
are both each other's world

Soapbox (The Knowledge of Youth)

Soapbox (The Knowledge of Youth)

Messianic soapboxing from a juvenile,
but who better to speak the truth?
Blind man in a mass convened for a while
in a congregational crwth

Everyone listened while I stood in the aisle,
for I refused to sit on a pew
Stood in the stile in a bit of a rile,
for what's a child to do?

But maybe I stood in a bit of denial
because who better to speak the truth
Who better to speak it than one who's a child
who's never been lied to?

The blind man sat with a hint of a smile
Something I couldn't do
I made it through the doors without his espial
but I still unfortunately knew

But as I thought of the kid, as I thought of the child
as I thought of the knowledge of youth
I said to myself with a hint of a smile,
"What's a child to do?"

I returned to the church after walking a mile-
after walking in my own damn shoes
I met another man in a bit of denial
sitting on a makeshift pew

He said "On a stand, all he is is a child
still no taller than me or you"
I smiled like a blind man who could see for a while
and said, "Yea,
but he speaks the truth"



Why. As an adverb, it's used to ask or talk about the reason, purpose, or cause.

As an interjection, it's used as an exclamation to express surprise, shock, or indignation.

As a conjunction, it's simply "the reason that".

As a noun, it's the reason itself.

As an excuse, there's always someone else who's not using it as he or she is doing the exact same job better than you.

Why. As a morning cry, it's the realization that yet another dream hasn't come true.
Why. As an answer, it's meaningless.
Why. As an answer, at times it's the most valid, profound, and valiant form of action.
Why? Because true change doesn't happen unless you question the way things have been thought throughout the years.

Why. It's a calm and simple question, but at times it's all that can silently be heard through a storm of tears.
Why? Because at times it's all you can sighingly say.
Why, why not, why do we have to go another day living this way?

Why. As a despondent dream, it's one you never should've seen.
Why. As I desolate scream, it's one that shouldn't be.

Why. In my opinion, it's used far too often.
Why? Why must I?
Why not he?
Why not she?
Why not me?

Why. In my opinion, it's not used enough.
Why? Why am I?
Why is he?
Why not me?
Why not now?
Why not change the world I see?

Why- The most asked question on earth.
Why- The least answered question you'll ever find.
But why?...

That's a question I'll leave for you to decide.



Hands that used to be
on clocks on empty walls
have blood upon their feathered selves
dying from their fall

They once soared high and mighty
like the times in which they flew
So much good and wonder-
the times they never knew

Time's slowly dying
to never move again
So slow in pained misfortune
are the times that I'm within

It seems the only question-
now has always been-
is will my precious time
ever fly again?

Dawn through the window blinds

Dawn through the window blinds

The sun shined through the curtain
The sun lit up the dark
just enough to see the hurt in
a blackened, battered heart

Dawn left through the window
or perhaps it was the door
Either way she's left him
as she's not with him anymore

He closes shut the window
to try to ease the wind -
to try to ease the hard times -
to try to please a friend

Because he knows she's only left him -
like the light that's shining in -
because that's the way things go
and that's the way it's always been

Still he only pleads for midnight
as a bit of sun keeps shining in
He tries to keep his eyes closed
but what he's forced to comprehend

only leaves him blinded
and woken by the sun
and constantly reminded
that he used to have someone

Dawn left through the window
or perhaps it was the door
All he knows is she's left him
and she's not with him anymore

The Hero of My Heart

The Hero of My Heart

I'm the hero of my heart
for every chance I ever took
I've let myself fall in love
with just a single look

My heart looks up to me
while on the ground I lie,
for how can I be a hero
when I'm so afraid to die?

Now in a parade I must survive -
for it's thrown for only me -
with my heart and soul and dream
all standing on the street

I smile for them - like eight year olds,
they're waving back at me
They think that I'm so brave
because of what they've seen

They've seen me tell our only love
that we've loved her all the while
They've seen me dare to kiss her
and even make her smile

But how am I to tell them
that one of them must break,
that one of them will die alone
while the other never wakes?

How am I to tell them -
with that look in all their eyes -
that their hero's just a man
who's so afraid to die?

But just then they came to me
Just then they caught my eye
Regrettably I told them,
"I'm so afraid to die"

They surprised me when they smiled
with smiles ear to ear
Pulled me closer to 'em
so that I may hear

And while spoken loud enough,
he just whispered in my ear
"Believe me, sir, you can't be brave
if you have no fear"

The procession carried on
down an endless street
My fear was never gone
but I would never be

regrettably withdrawn
Forever I would see
the little boys running along
trying to keep up with me



A child courses
towards its grave
like wild roses
picked by slaves.

Child closes
what it craves
like wild horses
who behave.

I'm breathing now
for both of us,
and I've got a mile of smiles
I was forced to save.

Some may close
and some may cave...
Some may give
and some they gave...

But I know these wild roses
(picked by slaves),
some of them
I'll save.

Like Sunshine

Like Sunshine

I love you
like sunshine
when life's in the dark -
as the coldness enslaves all of my heart

I love you
like breathing,
when slowly I drown,
like longing for something
no longer around

I love you
like angels
when I'm here in my hell
I'm lifted to heaven by the love that I fell

I love you
like dreaming -
like the ones that come true

And still nothing ---
like my love for you

The Safe Side of the Road

The Safe Side of the Road

Chances we've taken
have taken their toll
Damaged, weary,
unwilling to pay
And as my heart and my soul couldn't carry the load,
it was better to say that it's better to stay
on the safe side of the road

And if life is a game, we've lost in our pain
far too often to just let it go
We're lost in our pain as we've lost in a game
where even the victors are hurting
for all I know

But I still wanna play, I still wanna play
But it's probably better to play
on the safe side of the road

For we've cried and we've lost
our loved ones who've crossed
They tried to cross that street so long ago
And I can still remember when we had to pray
We prayed for both them and ourselves
from the safe side of the road

But I'd rather be lost. If death is the cost,
I think I better cross before I grow too old
I don't wanna stay
if I've gotta stay this way
I don't really wanna stay on the safe side of the road

I don't really wanna stay on the safe side of the road.

an absconded moment in time

an absconded moment in time

As our time escaping flees
away from you and me,
I wonder where it's left to
and why it ever had to leave.

I wonder if it circles,
reviving back around
Or is it sentiently breathing
in the memories I've found?

I wonder if it stays
and we're the ones who've left
And I wonder if it wonders
if it's we who haven't breath...