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Kinda Like Rain

Kinda Like Rain

I couldn't possibly explain
or have anything to gain
from leaving you.
This rain is but an analogy,
yet still I'm soaked 
in all I see. 
I wouldn't complain
if you hated my very essence
because I too have hated me. 

I couldn't possibly regain
what I've lost without you. 
This pain is but a fallacy -
just signals stoked 
by electricity. 
I can probably sustain,
but that doesn't mean 
that I want to. 

Just 'cause you're strong enough
to last long enough
without an apology
doesn't ease your wounds. 
And just because I'm strong enough
to admit I was wrong enough
won't turn our gray sky blue. 

The rain might just be an analogy,
but I know this pain 
is true. 



And as she stands so high, she hears angels cry
They tell her to back away from the ledge
So close to heaven, she might just die
Still, she's standing right on the edge

They say that love's too much of a chance to take
And you're far too close our dear friend
And hearts of glass can only break
And chances take you in the end

But she wastes no time, she closes her eyes
And let's go with a smile as she falls from the sky
'Cause she knows her hero will save her, somehow will save her
Her hero will save her in time

And as she crosses the street of her destiny,
She looks forward and not to the side
And she closes her eyes so easy to dream
She sleeps like a child at night
And as she drowns in bad times, bad times so wild
She smiles so easy and bright
'Cause she knows her hero will save her, wherever she is
Her hero will save her this time
Her hero will save her, somehow will save her
No doubt he will save her in time
Her hero will save her, her hero has always been I

And with Fate like a fire, she keeps her desire
Through burns, she's feeling just fine
And all the way to eternity's day
No angels can sway her mind
'Cause she knows her hero will save her
Whenever, wherever
Her hero will save her, somehow will save her
Her hero has always been I



An angel held a stone
The angel had a cry
An angel fell alone
With wings that couldnĂ­t fly

Heaven is her home
The angel wondered why
All that she had owned
Had somehow left her side

And soon the angel reached
The greatness of the sea
I saw her from the beach
And heard her ask of me,

"Why'm I forced to drown
When heaven is my home?"
I said "Drop the stone right now
You needn't die alone."

But the angel told me
That I could never know
"It's too much a part of me
To ever let it go"

The angel told me
I couldn't understand
I said "Angel hold me!"
But she wouldn't take my hand

I hope angels are like people
In death and where they go
So maybe this angel
Can somehow make it home

For all you laden angels out there...

Dream Now

Dream Now

Dream now 'til the day you die
Let your dreams reach the sky
Dream so hard that your spirits fly

The greatest thing is when you achieve a dream
that once seemed too high



I can't lie in no more of this darkness
Tore down the blinds from inside my mind
I broke the glass, I see my hands are bleeding
No more I want than what should be all mine

I look at the past and say, "You can't hurt me!"
Eye to eye, I refuse to back away
But you know that Time
Has lost to no man
And still, I stand 
Through tears, I stand so brave

I say "Destiny! I know you don't want me."
Still this time no pity does it show
But from the ground, I show it didn't kill me
In the darkness, I still refuse to go

I say to Fate, "You're gonna have to kill me
To keep me from what should be all mine.
You can strike me back, but know I'll keep coming-
I'll strive for love till I die."

Till I say "Eternity! Did you mean it when you left me
On the ground where all I could do was rise?"
And still on I'll go
And on I'll go...
no matter his reply.

Why Not?

Why Not?

A little girl asks if she can pet the doggy
The blind smiles and says "why not?"
She asks him if he's just pretending
He loves the innocence--- his only thought
He crosses the street one step by one step
Sometimes bravery's all we've got

He makes it home and turns the light off
Sometimes he does but often not
He just feels a little bit better
As the light somehow eases his heart
I mean, who's ever heard of a blind man
who swears he's afraid of the dark?

The sun's gone down, his day's now over
He only knows because it's cold
The girl next door kinda likes him
But she's too shy to let him know
She only glances with that one look
That any lover's ever known
But she falls asleep again with her light on
as she's a little scared to be alone

They both wake from dreams uncertain
They keep their dreams too far within
They both leave around the same time
He leaves his light on once again
Every day's just every day
Until you let something else seep in
They pass by one another
He's missed her glance once again

The dog and he both like the perfume
As the dog barks, his owner knows
Walking on, he still smells her perfume
No matter where he goes

Coming up, he hears her coming
The little girl from the day before
He laughs as she bumps into him
Because he knows her eyes are closed
He grabs her outstretched arms and says to her
"Always be who you are right now"
If he only knew how much he's helped her,
right there and then he'd take a bow

But he just lived his day like any other
Sometimes things are never thought
The sun's gone down again without him
It's not cold, but it's not hot
The girl next door has lived her day too
But she's lived hers within a thought
Towards his door, she's now walking...
Sometimes bravery's all we've got

Three stories each containing their own version of innocence, fear, and faith

The Light's Dimmed

The Light's Dimmed
A conversation with my only muse, my only love

She says "The light's dimmed"
"I'm sorry", I say to my true love
So many thoughts in my mind
As I look above

It rained today 
like tears I say,
Like tears on a newborn's open grave
Although memories flee from me, 
It's them I still forgave

The ideas in me are thundering
Like a storm of dreams at night
She wonders what I'm wondering
I see it in her sight
She sees in me
I have something
That I've just got to write

But with no napkin 
And with no a pen, 
I see that she implores
I say to her I'll be alright 
I'll be alright I swore

I just smile as she smiles
We smile a little more
I say "Really
its okay, 
I've lost my thoughts before.

I wrote for you so long ago
That it seems I never did
With a love for you just like my pain
The pain I've always hid

In love with you for all of time
In the time that I'm amid
I try to make what I've done
And what's been done undid

I wrote a poem so long ago
Before I ever wrote
I gave it to you while in class
In passing like a note

I gave you words that were mine
Every line by line
I gave you words that were mine
So what, they didn't rhyme

So what, some words were spelt
Kinda, sorta wrong
So what, the poem to you
Seemed so very long

I wrote you what I felt
I always write just how I feel
I play the dreams I'm dealt
And you were always real

And now I've written more
Since my light was shining bright
The first time that I wrote
So long ago that night

Now I've written words 
of heroes and of saints
Of an angel's world-
The hell of love's restraint

Now I've written words 
of blind men having dreams
Of loves that come apart 
so sadly at the seams

But all of you, they always were
Every single line
Every stanza's breathed the words
I wish that you were mine

The light's dimmed 
But I swear
To me it's only bright
I don't even read the words
It's them I only write

For I cant read within the dark 
Within my darkest nights
My dreams of you have taken me
And taken all my sight

The light's dimmed,
But I swear
To me it's only bright
I only write of you
Of you, I only write

I said, "I only write of you,
so I don't need much light."

My Eyes Whispered

My Eyes Whispered

My eyes whispered to me
That they saw an angel-
An angel so appealing
They could not believe
My eyes saw her
And my heart agreed

My mind spoke the same
My mind said "She spoke again."
In a dream we had 
So far within
And before we were woken
He said she told him this
That she's beautifully broken-
A life remiss

"She's so beautifully spoken."
My soul admits
That "If she's beautifully broken,
I hope she's never fixed."

My legs- they told me
That they're ready to die
If they have to run to her
Along with I

My arms- they told me
That they're ready to fly
If the impossible should ever
Be worth a try

My dreams all pledged
"We'll never sleep
Until one of us 
comes true for you"

My heart proclaimed
"I'll forever beat.
Till she's ours, I'll live
If that's what I'm forced to do."

So with every part of me,
I searched the world 
Through all the light 
And the blinding dark
And like a dream one day 
Somehow we weren't 
Somehow we weren't so far apart

My soul told me
"I know that's her" 
He swore it you 
Who stood by my heart
But my heart said nothing
Though close you were
He never told me
We weren't far apart

My heart's transfixed 
Within your glare
Your eyes on him 
Within a stare
My eyes whispered 
"None compare
We've found our angel
And she's right there."

The Awe of a Yes

The Awe of a Yes

I first saw her under the mistletoe - 
Sitting, waiting, hoping, forsaken, hiding, crying, or dying
I wasn't sure which then, 
and to tell you the truth
I still don't know to this day.
All I know is that was the best chance I've ever taken
and that the first kiss is the greatest
and that no one's ever kissed me that way.

The awe of a yes I must confess
has brought me here today

And now we've carved 
our names in
a tree once again
We never let it erode away
Right by our tree
"Will you marry me?"
I don't know what she's going to say

The awe of a yes, the rejection of no
I hope she remembers our mistletoe

The walk down the aisle's
like us walking miles
I just can't wait for it to end
Just so you can say
the answer you may
I'm waiting for our life to begin

The awe of yes, the rejection of no
The guess of maybe's
crippling blow
The indifference of sure
you get and you've got
With a smile, I've got a million thoughts
I think it's a coin flip-
Will marriages last
I think we'll make it
but I just had to ask
I think I was blind 
before I saw you
And deaf 'fore I heard
you speak like you do
And nothing was felt
without you in my veins
And all I wonder
is do you feel the same?

The awe of yes, the rejection of no
The guess of maybe's
crippling blow
The indifference of sure
you get and you've got
Nothing is worse than that or why not?
All of the nods 
and shakes of the head
The body language 
I bodily dread
The petulant yeas and certainly nots
Sometimes life's
Not like you thought

But sometimes it is
Love's perfect and kind
You see all the love 
that's always been blind
You need nothing else
You just love when you're near her
The I love you's left 
on the steamed bathroom mirror

Where only death 
could ever 
take her away
You ask the doctor to say what he may
The awe of a yes
The rejection of no
The guess of maybe's 
crippling blow
The petulant yea's and certainly not's
I dont know's indecisively thought
I hear an all right
so ostensibly said
Finality's more
than the no up ahead

I saw her under the mistletoe- 
Sitting, waiting, forsaken, standing, hiding, crying, or dying
It doesn't really matter anymore I guess
as by her hospital bed I pray

The awe of a yes, I must confess
has brought me here today

To Live Forever

To Live Forever

I wish we could live forever
but forever never comes
Still, as long as we're together
we'll always see the sun

Time is always coming 
till all our days are done
But for now we're still running- 
I hope we'll always run

My memory is fading
I can't remember everyone
The end is always waiting
and we can't always run

But I can still remember 
our first time dancing in the sun
I remember once again
I remember how we sung

And with your wrinkled skin
upon my wrinkled skin,
you make me feel so young

Although fragile we both are-
so fragile in the dark
They say we're fragile now,
but we were fragile from the start

So please take my fragile hand
and take my fragile heart
and walk with me at dawn
through all the fragile dark

Let's be together now
so then we'll never part
I wish we could live forever-
forever in our hearts