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The Spotlight

The Spotlight

The spotlight blinds
and burns me
but my wounds will never kill.
So would I rather
see my pain
or would I rather feel?

My only thought
upon this stage
is the only thing that's real
is whatever
makes you feel alive
is all that you should feel.

In a room of darkness shrouded,
she put her wounds away.
Pouring from her eyelids,
her wounds would never stay.

Her sleeves were never long enough,
so she would never leave.
Can't you shine the spotlight in there?
She needs it more than me.

Still I sing a song - a daydream -
is all it ever was
No spotlight here to burn me,
though that's all it ever does.

But the girl is in
no daydream.
Her dreams are only done.
I wish that I could help her,
but all I have's the sun.

All I have's
a voice that's
rasping from my lungs.
The only person clapping
has never truly come.

There's thousands that surround me,
but I'm the only one.
I'd sing another song,
but the concert's come undone.

So as the spotlight's dimming,
I fall onto the floor.
The darkness is beginning
to be what I adore.

All the crowd has left me;
all that I had owned.
Through blinded eyes I see her
sitting all alone.

Shine the spotlight on her,
so this little girl can see.
Shine the spotlight on her.
She needs it more than me.

The Morning Dew (An Insomniac's Epiphany)

The Morning Dew (An Insomniac's Epiphany)

Midnight's come and gone
I lie upon my bed again

My eyes are drawn
to the dawn
rising everywhere
but within

My heart is set
at dawn as yet
my soul's at dusk as I begin
my day
without a wink
of sleep the hours fly I think

why I'm here
in living drear
A life to somehow be away
from or so I hear
I'm never near
For it's easier to sleep at day

While at night,
escape a dream -
unconsciously is what I do
Escape a life
I realize
awakened by the morning dew

The City of Angels

The City of Angels

Angelically blessed, I lay to rest
four million tormented souls
So sweetly to die
in the city that I
vowed I'd never go

An angel mistaken -
Never a halo -
Just an aura from a Hollywood scene

An angel forsaken-
Never unwaken-
Dejected just to dream

We should've known it
by the heat of the winter,
the misnomer's only a name

Never to leave,
only to enter
We'll never leave again



Decrepit vagrant at your feet
Nickel begged from your hand
Living life is never sweet
Living sweet - you'd never stand

And still the world's a spinning top
The slow unraveled bits of string
From the bottom to the top,
we live to question everything

Until our spin is nevermore,
we're all like vagrants on the floor
If life is what we implore
Life is this and nothing more

The Valiant Must Perish

The Valiant Must Perish

I feel as though I've fallen
I've felt as though I fell
I've walked as though my crawlin'
would lead me to my hell

I've looked upon a pile
of burning ensign rags
Reflected for a while
upon the burning flags

White to choose surrender
Colored be my death
to have forever rendered
the dying of my breath

I reached in pyred ardent
I chose my own demise
I waved the white disheartened
just to stay alive

I wish I waved the colored
even if it meant my death
I lived for coming years
but I wish I lived the rest

The Calm of the Dark

The Calm of the Dark

Now I don't know if it's the calm of the storm
or the dark of the dawn,
but something's about to happen

I sit in the dark of the calm
right before dawn
with a storm right on the horizon

With you in a frame,
I picture again
as I wait for Fate to try to destroy me

You lighted the sky,
so I'd fight till I died
if death wasn't such a part of me

I'm gonna say what I say
and die as I may
whether you ever love me or not

I'm gonna say what I say so I can live in a way
that you're in every memory I've got

Hopeless Romantic

Hopeless Romantic

I'm a hopeless romantic and a hopeful fool,
and I'm afraid that's all I'll ever be
I'm a hopeless romantic who died for love
before my first breath ever came to me
I'm a man who cared
I'm a man who cares
I'm a man who still believes
that there's someone out there
who should be somewhere in here
so deep, down inside of me

I've had a high school sweetheart who stole my heart
and left it somewhere in the broken dark
I've had a crush who crushed the soul of me
I've had a fire turn into a dying spark

I've had a fling and a thing and a broken wing
I've sang a song I didn't want to sing
I've had a dream untrue and an angel who
knew she wasn't everything

I've had many stories tug a hearted string
I've kept many more inside
I've brought a tear to an eye a thousand times
from one who had never cried

And still I know she's out there, but even more
I know that she'll be inside
I'll always be a hopeless romantic
until the day that I die...

I only hope by then that she'll be by my side



She peaked around the corner in disrepair
to see disquietly if he's still there
Then not so quietly, she ran up the stairs
Shut the door to lock out all her fears

Tossed the key and covers above her head
Thanking God that only her heart was dead
One by one dropped water sewn like tears
The anger of a daughter through all the years

The mirror held a black and the bluest trace
The mirror that she held to see her face
The dream that she dreamt within her day
was for the night to come and take her day away

Her once hated figure took away her fright
The warmest of embraces through all the night
Then another scene within her dreamy sight -
to see her Dad leave the house and all her life

with his hand not again to ease her strife
But a dream, so it was...
This was not her life

The life she owned wasn't a dream to see
The bruises to a girl and the house to he
Her legs far too small to run away
That's how it was... That's how it is today

But any day her hand will avenge her heart
and shatter like the shattered had been torn apart
and piece together all her puzzled heart
So much is going on within the dark

to try to cease the family's pain, to ease her own
With her teddy bear and thoughts, she's all alone
The key fallen quietly upon the floor
She's locked her heart and locked her bedroom door

Life's Too Short

Life's Too Short

She lied about
her age so he would kiss her
He lied about
his feelings deep inside

These lies of theirs
were more than they could handle
The truth of theirs
was more than they could hide

Life's too short for living and dying
Life's too short to let it pass you by
Life's too short for living and dying
Life's too short to lie

She cried about
opinions that were spoken
She cried about
what they had to say

She lied about
her heart not being broken,
but her heart was broken anyway

Life's too short for living and dying
Life's too short to let it pass you by
Life's too short for living and dying
Life's too short to cry

She died about
six in the evening
He called her up
on the telephone

She's still alive
but living's deceiving
when two love each other
and have to be alone

But life's too short for living and dying
Life's too short to let it pass you by
Life's too short for living and dying
Life's too short to die

Made to Last

Made to Last

Hearts were made to be broken
That's why they're made of glass
Dreams should stay unwoken
and time's not made to last

Living's not everything
It's how you feel the pain
It's how you feel the happiness
and how they're both the same

It's how I want you to see me
To see me here at last
I've made this heart within me,
and all I had was glass

You're just a dream that's never-
a dream that's never true
I tried to sleep forever
so I'd always be with you

I always thought I'd never
feel what's so surreal
But I feel my chances fleeting
and I know they always will

'Cause hearts were made to be broken
That's why they're made of glass
Dreams should stay unwoken
and time's not made to last