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To Live Forever

To Live Forever

I wish we could live forever
but forever never comes
Still, as long as we're together
we'll always see the sun

Time is always coming 
till all our days are done
But for now we're still running- 
I hope we'll always run

My memory is fading
I can't remember everyone
The end is always waiting
and we can't always run

But I can still remember 
our first time dancing in the sun
I remember once again
I remember how we sung

And with your wrinkled skin
upon my wrinkled skin,
you make me feel so young

Although fragile we both are-
so fragile in the dark
They say we're fragile now,
but we were fragile from the start

So please take my fragile hand
and take my fragile heart
and walk with me at dawn
through all the fragile dark

Let's be together now
so then we'll never part
I wish we could live forever-
forever in our hearts

A Love Song To No One

A Love Song To No One

I'm standing on the edge of a night
walking in the moonlight alone
I wish I had someone tonight
I wish I weren't here on my own

But all I feel on my skin is the wind
I'm singing a love song to no one again

I'm standing on the edge of a dream
wondering why you never came
Another dinner without you,
finding love's just a game

I've lost with no one on the other side of the candlelight
I'm singing a love song to no one with all my might

I'm standing on the edge of a morning
I've been dreaming of you
Wherever you are and whoever you are, 
won't you please come true?

I've done so many things I'll never understand
I'm singing a love song to no one as loud as I can

And I'll sing with all my heart
I'll sing with all of my pride
I'll sing alone in the dark
with all I have inside

although I know you not at all
But maybe by the end
By the end of all my singing,
maybe I'll know your love by then

I'm singing a love song to no one 
once again...



These cries ease my weeping;
still while drowning I see
there's no use for shore no more
This water's for me

But these flies cease my sleeping;
so stranded I be
I've landed before the shore's
ever touched the sea

It seems I've strived for death
I've been deprived of breath
til it came to me

My voice is wrought,
but still I say 
a loving thought
that's blown away

No choice I've got
then to swim my days
til I also rot
and am blown away

I think of you
while stranded, 
I've demanded nothing but what I do
I've received so many dreams,
but not one that's true

The Mad Poet

The Mad Poet
Truthfully, I only feel comfortable around myself

So dark inside an empty room
So mad inside, to pen enslaved
fortune once is second doom
the room indeed his only grave

With mighty pen, he has a sword
With all the world alone to save
Line by line and word by word
All of him alas he gave

Of course he's mad as only words
are the part of him that ever rhymed
Forced to write down every word-
Reminded of a time

that only tore his world apart
Torn just like he's always been
Far before his poem would start, 
His poem would have an end

So stricken of his perfect script,
but still he has his perfect prose
He finds within reclusiveness
The happiness he knows

He'd always write within the dark
To write and write and never read
With blistered fingers as his heart
He wrote with pain that let him bleed

With blood upon him, torn apart
Through everything, he'd never cede
For he always wrote within his heart
What's in his heart indeed

has spilled upon the paper seen
as canvas for a weary dream
That woke him from a heaven's scene
Through hell, his writing's still serene:

With ill-intent, I've gone and went
OuT mY MiNd and back again
I'm heaven-sent without a hint
Of what I have to give within

Locked inside- these words in I
My dreams- they let me in
The only thing I have are dreams
The only key that's ever been

And so I've dreamed without a thing
To wake me once again
And so I've dreamed without a thing 
To wake me once again

So much to say in silence way
With no other way to show it
To die and die and still survive
Is the life of the mad poet...

what's above the sky

Only my soul and I 
know what's above the sky,
but I won't live long enough 
to see me die.

Maybe there's more to us
than meets the eye,
but I've never met more than us
although I've tried.

A Burning Church

A Burning Church

The choir's voices singing
through the church's doors
They locked them from the inside
so long ago before

they locked them from the outside,
but never did they scream
Too busy in their praying
Too busy to believe

there were crosses burning-
leaned against the door
Preacher spoke his sermon
from a pulpit's floor

Sunday school kept teaching
little boys and girls
as if they were beseeching
to have to leave the world

They sang inside the burning
church and you could hear
if you only listened
with your own two ears

Outside the culprits saying,
"We can hear a song
We can hear them praying
Maybe we were wrong?

We thought that they were lying-
lying all along
For never were they trying
to let us hear their song

Never were they trying"
The fire rages on
So slowly in their dying,
their voices in a song

"Never were they trying!"
lamented and withdrawn
On their knees and crying,
they start to sing along

This isn't just about religion, but about belief. Whether you believe there is or isn't a God, whether you believe in science, whether you believe in yourself, whether you believe in your family and friends, whether you believe in your children, or whether you believe in anything at all; it is perhaps best to believe in it so strongly that even if the walls fell down, you wouldn't lose that belief. i.e. Believe in yourself to the point that you succeed despite everything causing all prior doubters to believe in you as well ("they start to sing along"). But you must do so while giving others a chance to believe in you by not failing them with a lack of effort ("Never were they trying!") or by hypocritical behavior ("they locked them from the inside")--- consequently losing their trust. Faith is the strongest entity on earth, but only if you use it properly. So what do you believe in?

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis (or the Northern Lights) is known as one of the most magnificent of natural phenomena. Auroral displays in the form of streamers, arcs, banks, and rays of various shades of light are caused by high-speed electrons and protons from the sun colliding with air molecules miles above the ground. From this we see that when two elements collide spontaneously at high speeds, the result is magnanimous and awe-inspiring. But in this world, electrons aren't the only things that collide- people as well collide in such magnanimous ways. And like the coming of dawn for the Aurora Borealis, every collision must eventually come to an end none more so than the spontaneous collisions. For it's often said and is more often so very true: "The things that begin spontaneously often end that way".

Aurora Borealis

Under a sky stripped of black,
the colors fell when first we'd kiss
Under we lie while on our backs
"Forever will be just like this"

Yellow's for that which makes you weep
Green is the dream that lets you sleep
Blue is the sadness as you wake
Red is the heart that has to break

In a wintery sky, we've got them all
In love, you and I forgot to fall
Under a big sky, we feel so small
You gave me a day, but I want them all

We're falling asleep side by side
Our day was a dream we'd live alive
But I find that I have all but died
Some dreams I'd die to survive

We saw each other at firstly sight
but you were gone by second glance
We'd fall asleep that first night
Some never get a second chance

Still on the list of things
I wouldn't do for love,
there's not a word
as I look above
to the northern sky
that you and I
one night had as all our own

The lighted sky
The sky that I
now every night watch alone

On my back I lie 
and never cry
Although the truth- to me- is sadly known
With no one here by my side
still I lie all alone

I say "She'll be back by the dawn.
It began too fast to have her gone"

Yellow's for that which makes me weep
Green is the dream that lets me sleep
Blue is the sadness as I wake
Red is my heart that had to break

I'll hold our day for all of time
as alone I lie, but "I don't mind"
As the sky I see - I look upon
the most beautiful things are never gone

For Puna

In the Depths of the Shade

In the Depths of the Shade

My memories fade in the depths of the shade
as clouds slowly cover all of my day
No more sun in the sky in the sky that is mine
I've got nothing now that you've gone away

My mind's had its dreams forever of you,
but now- more than ever- it seems they're untrue
My heart's had a fire fueled by desire,
but it's so cold and so dark when I'm not with you

I'm either closing my eyes as all of my skies
will never again be shining so blue
or I'm seeing so blind like the love that is mine
My love's always been blind when I'm looking at you

I never see reality
but now that I see what I'm forced to see
It's so hard to believe that you have to leave,
but the sadness I feel lets me know that it's true

So now I'm forced to dream of the words of my love,
for I've got no one left to write them all to
Now I'm forced to survive in a dream in my mind
All that keeps me alive is me thinking of you

I'm so afraid to forget all the life that we knew
I can only recall when my skies were so blue
So deep in the dark, I'm holding my heart
when all that I want is to hold onto you

So deep in my mind, you're still by my side
but watch the sun set is all that we do
So my memories can fade in the depths of the shade
All of my dreams can never come true

Still I'll stay alive 
although I have died
'cause somewhere inside 
I'll always have you

A Dream

A Dream

A dream has died
upon the floor
I look down
and nothing more
For who cares of dreams that never leave the floor?

A dream has tried
to reach the sky
I look down
but by and by
Some dreams- they truly reach the sky

But sometimes with my open eyes,
I see the dream that had to die
and I see the dream that had to fly...
both look with dying eyes.

For all dreams go away
by the day 
no matter how you try.

Romeo in Blue Jeans

Romeo in Blue Jeans

What if I were Romeo?
What if you were mine?
If I were truly Romeo,
I'd never let you die.

I'd take the greatest story-
the greatest of our time,
and throw it all away
for the Juliet of mine

All the feuds dividing
all of us apart
wouldn't ever conquer
the bonding of our hearts.

There'd never be a poison
for us to ever take
You'd see me in the front yard
on a Saturday I'd rake

the leaves up off the ground
where our children love to play
Maybe it would be hard-
working all our days

Maybe keep a minivan
or an old, downtrodden truck
Maybe on our balcony
we'd keep a bunch of junk

Maybe none would ever
know what you and I
shared was the greatest
story of our time

But we'd live our life forever
We'd live a life divine
If I could be the Romeo
for the Juliet of mine