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A Dream

A Dream

A dream has died
upon the floor
I look down
and nothing more
For who cares of dreams that never leave the floor?

A dream has tried
to reach the sky
I look down
but by and by
Some dreams- they truly reach the sky

But sometimes with my open eyes,
I see the dream that had to die
and I see the dream that had to fly...
both look with dying eyes.

For all dreams go away
by the day 
no matter how you try.

Romeo in Blue Jeans

Romeo in Blue Jeans

What if I were Romeo?
What if you were mine?
If I were truly Romeo,
I'd never let you die.

I'd take the greatest story-
the greatest of our time,
and throw it all away
for the Juliet of mine

All the feuds dividing
all of us apart
wouldn't ever conquer
the bonding of our hearts.

There'd never be a poison
for us to ever take
You'd see me in the front yard
on a Saturday I'd rake

the leaves up off the ground
where our children love to play
Maybe it would be hard-
working all our days

Maybe keep a minivan
or an old, downtrodden truck
Maybe on our balcony
we'd keep a bunch of junk

Maybe none would ever
know what you and I
shared was the greatest
story of our time

But we'd live our life forever
We'd live a life divine
If I could be the Romeo
for the Juliet of mine

The Sage

The Sage

Staggered steps with whiskeyed breath
Intoxicated words as wine

Daggered tongues have punctured lungs
Words are more than they define

He smiles as he looks at you
but he's seen you all the time

You walk away with staggered steps
befuddled by his wine

spilt upon your tainted page
or so the scarlet flows

Poems are writings from a sage
too drunk 
to keep 

Cryin' in the Sand

Cryin' in the Sand

I've fallen to the sand 
fallen to my knees
I'm praying to be healed
and love is the disease

I'm cryin' in the sand
with tears upon a sea
that's taken you away -
so far away from me

I remember when we walked, 
walked while holding hands -
together in our hearts 
and walkin' on the sand

Till you swam away from me 
leaving misery
Regardless of the tears, 
we both now fail to see

The salted waters blending 
with salted tears on sand
I'm reaching out to hold you 
but I no longer can

I'm looking at the sea 
keeping you from me
I wonder if you've drowned--- 
I'm always wondering

I know it's either that- 
as far as I can see
Or maybe you don't want
to have to live with me

So I'm cryin' in the sand 
as I overflood the sea
I'm dyin' in my mind- 
I remember you and me

I'm walkin' in the sand 
and headed to the sea
I'm cryin' in the waters 
consuming you and me

I'm drowning in the sea 
hoping you've drowned too
and not just out of 
my freezing hand's reach

I hope to go to heaven 
where I could be with you
and not just cryin' here 
on this sandy beach

Prehensile Thoughts

Prehensile Thoughts

With ivory, us
bemused see everything
beyond dust
till we lose it in the breeze
in which we long to thrive...
If ivory must
be used for anything
beyond tusks,
may it be used for piano keys
to keep a song of souls alive...
The elephant in the room
is too blind to see
it's beautiful
but that's what makes him perfect
to you and I --
And if we remember anything,
let it be 
to forget everything
that ever brought us harm
or made us cry. 
And let us not want things
that ivory brings,
but if those things must sell & buy...
Let 'em be piano keys,
and let us sing until we die. 


051520 (a)

I’m just a tear among the storm
along the lightning we adorn;
but I've used its pain to keep me warm
since the day that I was born
I'm just a year among an age
It isn't clear who owns this cage
But I'm here upon this stage
not to merely earn a wage
So this tear becomes some sweat,
though this year may die by morn
But that hasn't happened to me yet,
so I'll strive to *be* the storm

My first poem was written on May 15th, 1995. It was about basketball. Every year on that date since, I write another poem about where I am in my basketball life. The original is in some notebook somewhere, and I'll add it to the site one day. Click here to see others.

051520 (b)

They keep on dying
Oh, my dreams won't stay
Still I keep on trying
to play their way
But I don't know why all the losers win;
and I don't know what this loss has been
A broken heart
that's left for dead
is still the part
of me that's said
I don't think I'll ever pray again
And I don't think I'll ever play again
Still I crawl on
despite the scars
All we've got now
is who we are
I know that I must play within
And I know that I'm bound to win
They're all dreams now,
so let's not pretend
I've done things now
that I can't defend
But still I crawl on to play again
Through my will I crawl on... so far within
I don't know why all these losers win,
but I'm still here now... 
like I've always been. 

The Soldier's Weapon

The Soldier's Weapon

A rifle in his hands, courage in his heart
Bombs in the sky to start
his day once again, sayin' Amen
as havoc lights up the dark

A pistol at his side
He opens his eyes
From his knees, he stands to his feet
A Bible on the ground, the artillery's bound
to tide all that's bound to be wreaked

He dives on the ground
Throws a grenade that he's found
Havened under a broken-down Jeep
Surrounded by mines
He's trained in his mind
Towards the barrack, our soldier's leaped

Explosions around him
The soldiers have found him
They awake from shaking in sleep
All he has are bad dreams
that are what they seem
As he puts his shoes on his feet,

he takes out a picture
of the one that he loves
before the bombs would ever start
Before he picks up his rifle
or lays down his Bible,
he holds her picture so close to his heart.

So Serene

So Serene

So serene through the valley
walk the dead
"I'm alive" is all I say

I heard a scream from the alley,
turn my head
I can't believe I walked away

So a dream is more than in my mind
and my mind
is more than me

And I'm more than whatever's mine
if what's mine
is just a dream

So serene my sister
came to me
but nothing she would say

It's more than just
the pain in me
I can't believe I walked away



All that's left is some smoke on an unlit candle
and the memories of when I couldn't handle
never having my dreams come true.

And with a love so blind,
all the blind man was ever trying to find was you.

Time after time with all of his might
But now I've only found sight
as I see all my dreams will never again come true

And as the smoke so clearly blows,
in the wind I see an end
And Fate so clearly knows
our love that's never been
will never, ever be
and the truth of all my dreams
is they're just a world of lies
as destiny just dies
over in the corner weeping on its own

Such a cold world to have you cry and die alone

All that's left is some smoke and some breath
with which I once used to say
"I love you with all my might"
All that's left is a lonely candle
burnt down to the handle
Now I only have memories
of when that candle was my life

Just Dance

Love's in a picture waiting
to fall in a frame by your side
Broken glass outweighing
the brokenness of time
I've got so many scars in
my head, I'm out my mind
I've thrown the glass away, but
this picture's forever mine

If you've got the time, baby,
just know I've got the clock
If you're ever at my door, know
you don't even have to knock
We can run or fly, babe...
or we can crawl and walk
We can fly for hours
or we can merely talk

Or we can just dance
Baby, baby, just dance
We can do everything or nothing
or maybe we can just dance

I've got a picture and a dream
and a heart that's burning
and a telephone
that I'd love to hear you
on the other side yearning
when you're alone...
and I'm alone...
when we're alone

Your love's in the Scripture,
while you swear it isn't true
But you're an angel waiting
for a heaven you never knew
You made-out with my body,
now make-out with my mind

I want you every way, and
you can have it any time

Or we can just dance
Baby, baby, just dance
We can do everything or nothing
or maybe we can just dance

/// We had to shred the Bible / to add fire to the wood; / still they'd rather see us frozen / than really do some good. /// But it swore it would be liable / to do us all it could; / and what's more the pages chosen / were the ones misunderstood. ///

So maybe we should just dance
Baby, baby, just dance
We can do everything or nothing
or maybe we can just dance