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We've Never Rhymed

For all those who don't like rhyming poems,
for those who just want a change of pace,
and for anyone whose life seems to lack the ability to rhyme at all.

We've Never Rhymed
I saw your eyes upon me
They've dawned me from my night
The sun shined brightly
but you've always kept me in the dark
For we've never seemed to rhyme
Even though I write the words,
every word just keeps you away from me
I recall us close
I remember you within
I held you once so long ago
but now I'll hold you nevermore
We've never seemed to rhyme
The end's between us once again
Every word just keeps you away from me
I've inscribed my every word
I've scrawled my soul with fickle pen
I try to write you and I together
but apart they'll always stay
For we've never seemed to rhyme
So prosed within our fate
I try to write we're in love
but all that rhymes right now is hate

If you want a rhyming poem instead of this one, reread it and replace the obvious missed rhyme with the meant phrase. The poem becomes completely and optimistically different. The lines I speak of are the 4th line of each stanza (light, once again, were together again). Things turn out the best for those who make the best of the way things turn out. Thats how I live, thats how I write. If Im handed a situation or a line that doesn't quite fit, I make the most of it by finding my own rhyme amidst the mess. But everything in life doesn't have fit either as depicted in the last sentences unfortunate fate. That would've been a great time for me to not rhyme. This was my effort at a non-rhyming poem. Good luck to you in finding the things that rhyme in your life.

Towered Hearts

Towered Hearts

Like towered cards
we rely
on the other to be strong

A coward's heart
to defy
a love for which he's longed

Love's a beast
far too weak
to have to be so strong

But all is ceased
to never wreak
for now the other's gone

I Don't Love You Anymore

I Don't Love You Anymore

With you...
and your cold to keep me warm
It's hard...
to tell the sunshine from the storm
How can I come to say
I don't love you anymore

I'd try...
but my will is never done
I'd cry...
but the tears - they never come
I can't come to say
I don't love you anymore

We smile within a cloudy day -
never knowing what's in store
You've been with me through all the days
You've been with me through more
So how can I come to say
I don't love you anymore

The truth...
is I have nobody else
The truth...
is I'm lying to myself
with every day I never say
I don't love you anymore

We smile within a cloudy day -
never knowing what's in store
You've been with me through all the days
You've been with me through more
So how can I come to say
I don't love you anymore

With you...
and the end not far apart
It's hard...
to love a broken heart
Soon I'll have to come to say
I don't love you anymore
I don't love you anymore

Nostalgia's Kiss

Nostalgia's Kiss

This charade's gone on
for far too long
but now that it's inexplicably gone away,
I can't help but say
I miss nostalgia's kiss

I sang a eulogy disharmoniously
but I'm admonished for so much more
At a gravesite, I pray in white
Lord have mercy on my soul
as I still miss nostalgia's kiss

I've seen a lot of gravestones
in the battle of despair
I've seen a lot of love
I've seen a lot of prayer
I've seen a lot of things I didn't ever want to see there
So still I miss nostalgia's kiss

Oh Lord, it kissed me once in a dream I had
Kissed me like a summer's day
Kissed me like the winter's wind
had all but blown away
Cruelty woke me from a fictioned kiss within a morning's way
I barely lived to say
how I miss nostalgia's kiss

We've balanced our indulgencies with reluctancies
on the gamut of uncertainty for far too long
What I aspired for has gone amiss...
But I guess I just miss nostalgia's kiss

051518 --- Mount Everest

051518 --- Mount Everest

Half asleep, but waken whole.
Time took all its toll
without a dime to spare for me,
but the dreams that I had stole

are priceless now I'm working for
a broken dollar sign.
Awoken by the dreams of theirs
as if those dreams were mine.

I've got this train of thought I bought
off the rails of which I fell.
Headed towards a mountain peak,
but one can never tell

if the mountain's but a hillside
or if the climbing's far too steep.
Yet still we climb and climb and climb
without a look, without a leap.

Broken dollar signs,
but all I need's the peak.
The strongest thought of mine
is to concede that I am weak.

I'm amiss but still redeeming,
forging dimes from solid steel.
I assist to keep them dreaming
because dreams are all that's real.

My first poem was written on May 15th, 1995. It was about basketball. Every year on that date since I write another poem about where I am in my basketball life. The original is in some notebook somewhere, and I'll add it to the site one day. Click here to see others.

Oil on the Canvas (RAISE THE PRICE OF GAS!)

RAISE THE PRICE OF GAS!--- because something has to be done to make it worth dying for. Per gallon, the price of gas should be higher than the price of milk because something has to be done to make it worth dying for.

Oil on the Canvas

She looked a bit dull to be so beautiful,
but people thought it-
so that's the way it was

I thought by now she'd be taken down
I thought by now she'd have to fall
But that picture just remained on the wall

So we've got oil on the canvas
whose artist is a bandit
who's never had a jail cell
keep 'im from his own hell

We've got a soldier in a coffin
and a funeral so often
that we mourn for only those
that don't go well

We've got a preacher in a pulpit
and a choir full of culprits
and a story for our children
that we can never tell...

And still we've got this oil to sell
So now I'm picturing hell
as I wish the picture would fall
And so... well, everything fell
while it stayed on the wall

We've got oil on the canvas
I couldn't understand it-
why an artistic bandit
did what he does

It looked a bit dull to be so beautiful,
but people thought it-
so that's the way it was

Heroine [sic]

Heroine [sic]

A sweet addiction
A dangerous need
Calloused veins
in a hallway bleed

With hazel eyes, she looked at me
to show me what I've never seen
Her hazel eyes, alluringly,
show me what I'd never be

With hazel eyes, she looked at me
before my blood was pure as wine
She knew I couldn't live without
her eyes upon the eyes of mine

Impeded breaths, a clouded mind
In insomnia, alone I'd strive
Impeded deaths, the pain I'd find
The greatest pain is I'm left alive

To let her go, the pain I'd know
wouldn't take me from the pain I'm in
Coursing through my open veins,
my girl has kissed me once again

My heart is slow
but still I know
it beats for you
and only you
Calloused veins
collapse in vain
to only have a dream untrue

But with bluer eyes
like bluer skies,
another woman came to me
She said I'll course
through your veins
if you'll course through the veins of me

With heavy legs,
I ran to her
With heavy arms,
I held her tight
I held her through the restless days
I held her through
the restless nights

And still through all the grayer skies,
she held me shaking by her side
And still through all the blatant lies,
she'd be only the truth I'd ever hide

And still through all the horrid nights,
she'd be my truest, sweetest dream
And still through all the needs I might,
she'd be the only thing I'd need

My sweet addiction, my only need
The only thought inside my mind
With bluer skies, so finally
the silver's left a clouded line

With the bluest eyes, she looked at me
when before my blood was pure as wine
She knew I couldn't live without
her eyes upon the eyes of mine

Heroin is a dangerous drug mostly because the user begins to need it to survive --- A need like water to the deserted or like air to the one who drowns. Love is a dangerous drug as well for all the same reasons unless you're lucky enough to find someone so heroic they help you fight your way through all the battles. In this story, our heroin addict found his heroine and survived because of her.

Street names for heroin: Hazel, sweet dream, dirt, noise, pure, hero, train, brown sugar, joy, horse, poison, junk.

Symptoms, signs, & results: Insomnia, restlessness, clouded mental functions, itching, heavy feeling in the user's arms and legs, muscle and bone pain, involuntary leg movement, vomiting, cold flashes, nausea, collapsed veins from repeated injections, slowed breaths, slowed cardiac functions, eye pupils very small with little reaction. Users often find hallways of abandoned building in which to take the drug. Other signs include blatant lying to cover their tracks, silver foil will start to disappear as it's often used to cook the drug, money might come up missing, dramatic weight loss, more energy than usual, and shaking from withdrawal symptoms (aka "going cold turkey"). Besides injecting into the veins, users also smoke and inhale the drug.

Heroine Hotline: 844.229.2468 (24/7, Toll-free, Confidential)



Be wary and chary
of things unknown
Don't trust tomorrow
or days unshown

Don't trust the yester-
not one alone
For all days worry
for just their own

The Past is truthful,
but's died in shame
For he wasn't honest
before his pain

And although today
is all we've got,
trust him not
for he'll die the same

Today has told
its share of lies
So much's done
to just survive

But surely know
from all the host,
distrust tomorrow
the very most

Years'll come
Years'll go
In an eye, a wary blink
But stare and lie
with open eyes-
weary seen a golden brink

Monthly blue-
a dying moon-
but our uneasiness comes at noon

A week is weak
as what it wreaks
is ended, too, so very soon

But tomorrow lies
with open eyes
around every corner
that's ever been
Injures us with hopefulness
Entices us
and lures us in

But what hurts the most
are memories
of what it was to you back when
Surely once-
no matter what-
Tomorrow's been your greatest friend

So keep an eye
for many days,
but surely know
from all the host

If there's a day
of any day...
Distrust tomorrow
the very most

My Mask

My Mask

Behind a mask I hide,
but I swear it hides from me
For every mirror eyed,
my mask I cannot see

Behind a mask I ask
a question fit for me:
Which one of these personas
do I intend to be?

Which mask is mine to own
and which is not for me?
For two's too many people
for one to not be free

I'm locked inside my home
and no one has the key
I'm the one you see alone
yet another deep in me

My skin or what's within's
the ruse that I must be
when looked upon by you
or when I look upon the me

Behind a mask I wait
but no answer comes to me
I guess I am what I am on the outside
and I am what I can't see.

A Wish

A Wish

I fell into a wishing well
wishing it were hell
I crossed my heart and hoped to die
the moment that I fell

Fingers crossed and never lost,
I know just where I am
As I lie and never die,
I never understand

Why I sink upon the brink
Of disasters seen
As I think, I never blink
But live within a dream

In a well in which I fell,
I look unto the sky
I pinch myself 'cause nothing else
was ever worth a try

Shooting stars have come and gone
But nothing's ever stayed
Broken glass, my mirror's past
can't become unmade

Things I've done I've never won
But there never was a game
And still I've lost upon a cross
All that's real is pain

Although I've heard the wisest words
Say to me in vane
"The rainbows only come, my friend,
after all the rain"

I hear 'em not, my only thought
Is to believe that I have sinned
While sinking I
Saw a guy
Every now and then

A winking eye, I'm thinking I
Have been deceived now once again
Still I'm winking back, thinking back
To a time that's never been

All the time I could've done
Something more than drown
All these times in my mind
They're an illusion to me now

I'm in a well that isn't hell
But as it starts to rain,
I'm here without a wound
in the midst of all my pain.