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God is on My Side

God is on My Side

God is on the side I'm on,
no matter where I stand
Every soil holds the ground
that holds its broken man

Still - as we cry and slowly die -
we know we'll make it through
For we stand upon this truth of ours
so all our steps are true

The nation now across the sea
(whichever side I'm on)
don't believe the same as we
and therefore all are wrong

There's only one God in the sky
and we bask now in His sun
May all the other sinners die -
whatever side I'm on

So although I'm but a broken man,
I stand up in my pride
No matter who I'm fighting for,
God is on my side

This poem is for all those too blind to see that there are no sides. For all those who fail to see that we're all in this world together. For everyone who truly believes that their beliefs are more supreme than anyone else's. And yes, that goes for the Atheists as well. Every one of us is basically guessing.

Eleven After All

 Eleven After All

So take yourself out of the equation
'cause one plus one will always be a problem
We should have been in love more than just on occasion
The heaven we missed must have been a sin
All the lies, all the cries
add up to nothing at all
And when we'd fall - when love is called -
gray clouds engulfed the sky.
Maybe we should be eleven after all

You said to me there were never any strings attached,
but I know that's not true
'cause I saw you make them dance with your hands
And out of all the times I've ever flown,
this time my plane has crashed
I could never understand
what my mind has never known

And after all, I'm in your eyes
even if you choose to leave them closed
And I'm in your heart surviving still
even though it's very cold
And there's a wall from which I'd fall
if I ever chose to climb it at all
But I hear our voices let out a call
reaching over the highest walls
Maybe we'll meet on top of that wall

Maybe we should be eleven after all.

Lost in Translation... Again

So silently weak,
I silently speak
With words no one can hear
Made violently weak
by all that is bleak
All that I seek's to hold you near

Restrained by a word
Our love is absurd, we see
Pained by a word
You never could
Even understand me

So left with a smile
From me to you,
You've given your smiles to me
All of the while
We never knew
How happy we could be

If somehow, someway
one of these days
I could hear you and you could hear me
So learning new words,
I struggle and read
Not foreign I'll one day be

With a love that's absurd,
I struggle and bleed
My heart needs you with me

I'm writing words
that you'll never read
With a heart you're failing to see
Screaming unheard,
I scream that I need
But you don't understand me

And I tell you I love you
but I see from your gaze
That my words mean nothing to you
And so you just think
it's some foreign phrase
That might not even be true

I tell you I need you
and you look at me
Like I've said nothing at all
You're telling me something,
I hope it's the same
As my hopes and wants all fall

So silently weak, we silently speak
So loudly with all of our hearts
Made violently weak by all that is bleak
With all that we're left in the dark

So Lost in Translation

So Lost in Translation

I'm unwise, but not naive. I realize but I believe
that we could never be...
even if you understood me.

But still, I see from so far within a dream,
I somehow see something
a bit more than reality.

And still, I stay so far within this dream,
because these dreams mean that I'm alive.
Life is life so that I breathe, the world keeps me at ease
But these dreams alone are why I survive.

So I don't know if it's they
or if it's I that's carried away
It could be either or neither
But understand my heart whatever you may do
As I'll stay so far within these dreams of you.

Apologetically yours forever.

Somebody Tell Mama to Wake Up

Somebody Tell Mama to Wake Up

Mama wake up and love us like you're used to
Telling us everything is gonna be alright
Mama loves us and tells us stories
Singing us songs all through the night
Mama woke up and made us breakfast
Loving us all with all her might
Somebody please wonít you tell mama to wake up

Mama wake up cause I want to see you
I want to see you, my angel from the sky
Mama tells us we don't have to worry
Everybody in life will in some time die
Mama woke up but had her last look
Her last look was her watching me cry 
and me screaming goodbye
Somebody please, won't you tell mama to wake up

Mama wake up before they cover you
With all the dirt and send you to the skies
Mama wake up so you can hold me
And tell me you were just closing your eyes
Mama wake up and tell me you just took
Your long rest and take back our goodbyes
Mama wake up, you can't sleep in heaven
One day I'll be there to see you open your eyes
Somebody please tell my mama to wake up

From Seattle to LA

From Seattle to LA

The days that I've seen, so surreal of a dream

It kinda seemed like reality

So soaked in the rain, I'm sleeping again

As my only dream was to have a dream

So soaked in the rain, I'm sleeping again

I fall to sleep somehow

Saved me a dime to find me a time

To be in other than now

Saved me a dime, another time

To be in was all I wanted to

Another place, my boss's face

When he saw me leave in my old Subaru

And still it's surreal as quickly I fell

In love with a dream in my mind

It's never so real in heaven or hell

As when your dream comes true in time

All that I feel is it's feeling so right

To not feel any rain from the sky

Sometimes it kills... Through chaos, I feel

I could sit here and watch forever roll by

And if we must live forever

In the years of our lives

We shouldn't live them just to survive

We should live like we want

Like all of our skies

Are waiting for us to make the sun rise

And forever this dream will last and will be

So perfect as all of me smiles

As I live in a dream where forever I'll be

Or at least for a little while

I woke up one morning and opened my eyes

The sun just had to rise

I woke up one morning and opened my eyes

Now so blue are all my skies



Parting, then starting 

now once again

My heart's in... and invested 

in my chest within

Flatlined, a stat line

is reset again

If you're willing to lose everything,

can you ever win?

I'm no one with no one

still without a sin

Going nowhere

except the somewhere

my mind has been

I've nothing but the something

I was born in

If you're willing to lose everything,

can you ever win?

My first poem was written on May 15th, 1995. It was about basketball. Every year on that date since, I write another poem about where I am in my basketball life. The original is in some notebook somewhere, and I'll add it to the site one day. Click here to see others.

Just give me black.

Just give me black. 
What I lack
is enough
when it's rough
And it's tough to always seem
like everything'll
turn out fine. 

If you'd just get my back 
when I lack
and call my bluff 
when I'm enough,
I promise I'll meet you in-between
these subtle things
we call our time. 

From my birth
till what I'm worth
isn't worth
a rotten dime
From the Earth
what I'm worth
isn't Earth
and isn't mine

It's just this subtle thing
we call...
our time. 

Kinda Like Rain

Kinda Like Rain

I couldn't possibly explain
or have anything to gain
from leaving you.
This rain is but an analogy,
yet still I'm soaked 
in all I see. 
I wouldn't complain
if you hated my very essence
because I too have hated me. 

I couldn't possibly regain
what I've lost without you. 
This pain is but a fallacy -
just signals stoked 
by electricity. 
I can probably sustain,
but that doesn't mean 
that I want to. 

Just 'cause you're strong enough
to last long enough
without an apology
doesn't ease your wounds. 
And just because I'm strong enough
to admit I was wrong enough
won't turn our gray sky blue. 

The rain might just be an analogy,
but I know this pain 
is true. 



And as she stands so high, she hears angels cry
They tell her to back away from the ledge
So close to heaven, she might just die
Still, she's standing right on the edge

They say that love's too much of a chance to take
And you're far too close our dear friend
And hearts of glass can only break
And chances take you in the end

But she wastes no time, she closes her eyes
And let's go with a smile as she falls from the sky
'Cause she knows her hero will save her, somehow will save her
Her hero will save her in time

And as she crosses the street of her destiny,
She looks forward and not to the side
And she closes her eyes so easy to dream
She sleeps like a child at night
And as she drowns in bad times, bad times so wild
She smiles so easy and bright
'Cause she knows her hero will save her, wherever she is
Her hero will save her this time
Her hero will save her, somehow will save her
No doubt he will save her in time
Her hero will save her, her hero has always been I

And with Fate like a fire, she keeps her desire
Through burns, she's feeling just fine
And all the way to eternity's day
No angels can sway her mind
'Cause she knows her hero will save her
Whenever, wherever
Her hero will save her, somehow will save her
Her hero has always been I