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The Flower in Compton

The Flower in Compton

I saw a flower in Compton-
down to its final breath -
spread a seed on the ground before its death
No eulogy whispered --- no tears, no shade
Just the thought that martyrs aren't born,
they're made

And so the seed grew up in Compton -
that which the concrete embraces
We see the sun still shines even in the worst of places

A flower's chosen by a lover,
and given to a girl
on a prom night to match her dress
And though the flower was weak
and drab in color,
no girl's ever been more in happiness

Hung flowers from the ceilings ---
they never do die
How to cheat death
is just to remember a time

Girl moves from Compton to Hollywood-
wants to never go back
But as she learns things aren't that different
on either side of the track,
she sits in her bed and thinks in her head
that she wants to go back

As she still keeps that flower
over her bed,
She remembers and she smiles through all the pain

And because she smiles
and a smile's the greatest of things,
we know that flower didn't die in vain

Spending Time

Spending Time
If I could spend my time with you,
I'd use all that I had
If I could buy my happiness,
I'd spend my money glad

I'd sell my soul and more
I'd spend all of my cash
If I could spend my time with you,
I'd give everything I had

If I could reach into my soul
like a pocket never torn
I would reach into my whole
and find pieces never lorn

If I could spend my time with you,
I'd buy all that I could
If I could spend my time with you,
just know that I would

If I could save my every hour,
I'd beg them from the curb
I would beg with all my power
for them to throw me all of theirs

If I could spend my time with you,
just know that I would splurge
I'd spend my every second
and I'd be spending all of theirs

I won't save it for a rainy day
I wouldn't pay back any loans
My debt I owe to myself
to never be alone

So if I could spend my time with you,
I'd spend my every dime
If I could spend it all on you,
I would spend all my time

The Words You Know All Too Well

The Words You Know All Too Well

She pours her man a half cup
of milk he says is empty
Some problems only last because
the question's never clear
He says to her let's cross dear-
Our days are surely plenty-
When we reach the bridge
or at least when we're near

But she's given him a blank stare
as she crosses her legs now
We see that even roses
eventually start to wilt
She's sitting in there trying
to unscramble an egg now
She's crying in the kitchen,
for the milk has all been spilt

Actions speak louder
and the bigger they are now,
all of your actions
will soon just have to fall
He pretends to not listen
and exits the kitchen
He pretends to not hear her
so he hears her not at all

Let bygones be bygones
Let live and let live
What's not seen's not
ever in your mind
All's well that end's well
Be safer than sorry
Wounds shall all heal by
the hands of all our Time

So he puts on his shoes now-
the ones that he's wearing
because they fit him,
and not because they're nice
He walks on the road now
of good intentions
From the pan to the fire
From the fire to the ice

And though absence is fonder
and blood is much thicker,
all that he thinks now
is it takes two to tango
And he thinks he'll never again
dance while he's happy,
for what's here today
is gone by tomorrow

And tomorrow has come now
And he's still walking
So many tomorrows
have brought him here today
The grass was much greener
but now it isn't
It's fading quickly
with every step along the way

He's made it to heaven
He sees the stairs now
The longest line as
the stairs are at his feet
But it's not his heaven
His heaven was with her
He sees heaven was taking
the bitter with the sweet

And as he's thinking of heaven,
he thinks of the dress code
He thinks of the cost-
for he's already sold his soul
He carries a picture
of her in his pocket
It's worth a thousand
but most were never told

He never told her
He went for his fortune
His silence glittered
but all that glitters is not gold
The sun is shining
but it's so cold now
with no silver lining
shining on his road

It's never over
but now it's ended
With everyone around him,
he knows he's alone
Love's fairness has killed him
The war hasn't mended
All he thinks now is
there's no place like home.

The words you know all too well might not be as obviously understood as you might think. The words of this poem come from a long list of American proverbs and any clarity or comprehension you may find in this piece merely occurs because you understand and possess this particularly cultural literacy. To a foreigner or to someone unfamiliar with these proverbs, this poem wouldn't make any sense whatsoever and perhaps that person wouldn't even be able to follow this simple story. To fully understand what I'm speaking of, try reading the poem and imagine how it would sound if you've never heard such phrases as "the grass is always greener on the other side" or "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" or "the cup is either half full or half empty". Such sayings promote our shared mentalities and are the common ground on which we tread. But I assure you that not everyone treads along with us. This is how complex our world is. This is how relationships are at times. You assume the other knows where you're coming from when all you have to do is stop assuming and just tell them where you're coming from. Communication is the key that's often times taken for granted or even sometimes completely overlooked.

Keep Me In The Dark

Keep Me In The Dark

Just put my heart in deepened ground
I don't think I'll need it anymore
It's too much to carry when it's around,
too much to mend when it gets torn

Just throw that clock right out the window
I believe it's rolling much too slow
So much pain out the pane
now the days will just go and go and go

Just place my eyes down in the sand
'cause what's not seen isn't desired
And I'll never again feel the pain of someone's figurative hand
I would run, but I'm much too tired

Just let me live until I die
even if I die while I'm still alive
Just take the sun from out the sky-
it just shows so much disaster

Please keep me in the dark... until the morning after



Inebriated, to say the least
Distilled in spoken peace
at four within a morn
to his wife who wouldn't cease

her disbelieving feel
"You're lying to me still"
Never would he cheat
but she's thinking that he will

"I was at a bar"
he said with all his heart,
stumbling all around,
spoken in the dark

"I was at a bar,
golden were the doors,
Golden was the name,
gold upon the floors

I was at a bar-
idyllically serene
My gold upon the gold
urinal latrine
I was at a bar"
slurred it to his sleep
"You were at a bar?"
spoken in her weep

She waited till the dawn, she waited till the day
so woefully along, so woefully away
Calling on the phone, knowing in her vane
no bar would ever own Golden as a name

But spoken on the line,
staggering her mind
"Golden" given so
vocally benign

Wishing to be sure, she asked a little more
Questioning the sir, "Do you have a golden door?"
Astonishing again, "To make your way within-
through our golden doors, that way has always been"

"But have you golden floors", questioning some more
"The gilding of your soul is to step upon our floor"
Astounded by these things,
she vocally careened
"But a urinal latrine
goldenly serene?!"

Silently the line
had suddenly become
Wonder in her mind
of what she could've done

Detachedly removed,
shouted to the back
"Hey Mac! I think we've found
who was pissing in your sax!"

Homesick Blues

Homesick Blues

I know I'm heading home again,
to a home I've never known
This road I know all too well
seemed endless long ago

And now it seems more hopeless
but still I walk this road
Time is now so helpless
as it struggles to grow old

I know I'm heading home again,
to a home that isn't mine
I've lost the map I've never had
I'm searching for a sign

Please love me for my forever
or till the end of time
Don't leave me here forever
and leave me hanging on to time

These homesick blues are what I'm singing
but the melody's all that's mine

I know I'm heading home again,
to the home I once wished for
Through love's ocean, I've survived
I've washed up upon the shore

I'll love you now like I loved you then-
like I've loved you much before
I love you now like I'll love you then
I couldn't love you more

I know I'm heading home again,
to a home that isn't mine
You've drenched my heart with gasoline
Love burned me so, so kind

Some doors open and some doors close
just like eyes--- but some are blind

These homesick blues are what I'm singing
but the melody's all that's mine

Lie To Me

Lie To Me

Keep your truths
and tell your lies to me
It's them I'd rather hear

Your candor'd looks are just eyes to me
and what you whisper in my ear
means nothing unless you lie to me
Your lies I long to hear

For everyone has truths of theirs
for agreed society
But lies tell me exactly what
my eyes are blind to see

You lie and say you're never scared
I know you long to be brave
You lie and say you never cared
I know all is what you gave

You lie and say you're content
I know you long to be free
You lie and say you're happy when
sad you'd rather be

The truth is overrated
We need lies to take their place
The lies that we've created
are written on our face

Over the Edge

Over the Edge

From the edge, I've found nothing
but an abyss
I've fallen in love
with just one kiss

that proved to be nothing
as I kept falling down
But now I must climb out
of the love that I've found

So why did I love with all of my might?
Why did I dream with all of my night?
Why did you leave me with all of my plight?
Why was I blinded by a love at first sight?

And with the brightest of halos over her head,
the heaven I've dreamt of was my hell instead
And my dreams became nightmares so trapped in my head
'till they escaped to my heart and left it for dead

From the edge I took one step
and that was all that it took
I was blinded by love
but I just had to look

And now I'm climbing forever
like I've always been-
trying to discover what love's all about

Love's the abyss of which with ease to fall in,
but is the hardest thing to ever climb out



I've tasted love
and have wasted love;
so encased in love
I be 💘
I've lost the fight
and have tossed at night;
turned and churned until
I'd breathe 💔
So what of love?
The rut of love;
just a cut above
I be 🖤
The story bleeds
in all it reads,
but all you need
to see 💗
is this love's
like every love
that could ever be 💞
And all that's strange
and rearranged
is all that's changed in me 💝

My Heart's Incarceration

My Heart's Incarceration

All you've got are garroted scars,
a scab upon your wounded heart
All you've got is who you are -
a false impression torn apart

Condemned you are without a bar
on your cell within a dark
that won't ever let you leave,
but counterfeit is who you are

Final words you've always heard
cut you like a lover's sword
Cut through skins so fragile torn -
All of which you learn to scorn

Confined within a joyous time
but detained within a pain
Clearest skies but in your mind
is where it has to rain

Free from freedom as of yet
Trapped in all the pain you'd get
Escaped from heart
through your mind
before the sun would come unset

Trapped in what you'd never get
Shawshanked your way through all the shit
Freed from freedom as of yet
Soon the sun will have to set

Silhouette the sun
My darkened one
has been the brightest thing I've seen
Silhouette the sun
My darkened one
has been my everything

Manipulate, my fate has been
my dream now once again
Manipulate, what I hate
has never let me in

My dreams I hate, I came too late -
contemplated once again
All my fate manipulates
but never lets me in

Fate is what I contemplate
but behind me once again,
fate controls each move I make -
the way it's always been

I don't know if I hold the strings
or if it's them I am within
All I know is everything
has brought me to an end

So silently on the floor,
the ventriloquist has died
with all his strings knotted violently
right there by his side

Marionetted, he
has faithfully
held on to his heart
But scarred it up,
so silently
he's torn himself apart

The ending to a story
that never had a start
No middle and/or glory
for the broken heart