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A Little Rain

A Little Rain

Danced like an angel in lieu of the now
Shined like a star that's touched the ground
Sweet like a spoken, unbroken vow
No pain or rain could stop her now

A sweet little girl unlike the rest
With a children's song beneath her breath,
she told me...
Sometimes you stand
Sometimes you fall
and sometimes a little rain's nothing at all

That's what she said to change my world
while she never spoke a single word
She never sang
It seemed she did
She smiled like a kid
I realized what I'd never see
while she sang that song beneath her breath
So silently she said to me
Life is life and death is death

With desire hid amid her eyes,
a choir filled her hidden cries
She said like heaven were her skies,
All the rain's for you and I

"Dance with me,"
she said again
"dance while all the night is left.
Dance before the water ends"
with a children's song beneath her breath

So late at night, the morning sun
was just below the horizon
Her salted tears to come undone
with a rain to soak her eyes in

The salted rain but still a girl's
far beyond so bittersweet
Within a rain, all the world's
the playground at her feet

I've never seen
the rain that way
That's what I must confess
Not till I heard a children's song
far beneath her bitter breath

We danced and danced
until the rain-
until the rain had nothing left
She said "no shoes"
but I refused,
again I must confess

But truthfully she would've danced
and ruined her favorite dress,
because the rain and all the pain
make a life that's less bereft

That's not what she said
but that's what I heard
with a song beneath her breath
So I listened to her every word
until the night had nothing left

Every day we're in the rain
even if it never falls
We should live and live again
if we're to live at all
We should live our every day
until the days have nothing left

And while she sang a children's song
beneath her lovely breath,
she told me...
Sometimes you stand
Sometimes you fall
Sometimes you have to crawl
Sometimes you need
Sometimes you bleed
Sometimes you have it all

And she said to me
without a word at'all
words that I would keep within
The words that I'd recall
She said...
Sometimes a little rain is nothing at all

For Mikaela, thanking her for making me dance in the rain