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Hopeless Romantic

Hopeless Romantic

I'm a hopeless romantic and a hopeful fool,
and I'm afraid that's all I'll ever be
I'm a hopeless romantic who died for love
before my first breath ever came to me
I'm a man who cared
I'm a man who cares
I'm a man who still believes
that there's someone out there
who should be somewhere in here
so deep, down inside of me

I've had a high school sweetheart who stole my heart
and left it somewhere in the broken dark
I've had a crush who crushed the soul of me
I've had a fire turn into a dying spark

I've had a fling and a thing and a broken wing
I've sang a song I didn't want to sing
I've had a dream untrue and an angel who
knew she wasn't everything

I've had many stories tug a hearted string
I've kept many more inside
I've brought a tear to an eye a thousand times
from one who had never cried

And still I know she's out there, but even more
I know that she'll be inside
I'll always be a hopeless romantic
until the day that I die...

I only hope by then that she'll be by my side