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To Live Forever

To Live Forever

I wish we could live forever
but forever never comes
Still, as long as we're together
we'll always see the sun

Time is always coming 
till all our days are done
But for now we're still running- 
I hope we'll always run

My memory is fading
I can't remember everyone
The end is always waiting
and we can't always run

But I can still remember 
our first time dancing in the sun
I remember once again
I remember how we sung

And with your wrinkled skin
upon my wrinkled skin,
you make me feel so young

Although fragile we both are-
so fragile in the dark
They say we're fragile now,
but we were fragile from the start

So please take my fragile hand
and take my fragile heart
and walk with me at dawn
through all the fragile dark

Let's be together now
so then we'll never part
I wish we could live forever-
forever in our hearts