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In Front of 7-11

In Front of 7-11

I've got a coupon for heaven,
but 7-11
has got better prices
and deals.

And so it's a crisis
their prices
will never really

And still I'd rather earn my way,
'cause then maybe
I'd surely know it's all for real.
I believe He turned my way, then turned away
like 'he' didn't see me standing still.

But he couldn't be me, not even if he had to.
And if he did, he'd be mad to be.
But I'm glad that he
was still he – 'cause who
would I ever rather be but me?

See what he's created? – a creation that thinks
he's somehow a little greater than He.
That's not really me, but it is.
I guess
we're all a bit of a dichotomy.

And I'd be conceited to think
there are none worse than me,
to think a bit ironically.
Lessons have been learnt. Bridges have been burnt. The 7-11 clerk's
looking right at me.

A small American flag bandana
in my hands,
and a banana hiding in my pants.
But I know I'd never steal.
Not that it's wrong,
but life's too long to kill.

And even if my gun were real,
I wouldn't steal;
and if I did, it would be against my will.

Whether I make it to Hell
or fake it to heaven,
I know that life is bound to kill.

So I crumple up the coupon, and buy myself
a Lotto ticket just in case.
Just in case life is a all about luck,
and not about the deals we chase.