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Lucifer's Parable

Lucifer's Parable

To hell for reasons uncertain,
I saw the devil 'fore he saw me
Like a window's downfallen curtain,
I saw more than I was meant to see

Lifely gone in dying bleak
Softly drawn to his mystique
Honest strong but child weak,
a tear upon his colored cheek

So quickly scowls
return to face
when truth requests to not be seen
So quickly growls, his eyes embraced
all the fear I had in me

But 'fore he spoke a single word
what millions damned had surely heard,
I asked with words so soft and meek
why he teared upon his cheek

Bold as I had often been,
audaciousness had lost control
Cold as I had ever been,
the fire seeped into my soul

"Is your job extremely grim?
Are you burdened? Are you tolled?"
He surprised me with sincerity
spoken to my very soul

"I once was God's chosen one
by His side I'd always be
Now my soul's a frozen one
broke inside the soul of me"

I said "You chose to live that way.
You thought that you were high
and greater than the God above-
than God above us in the sky"

He told me "True that's what I do
but that's not why I cry
My choice's true- for God I'd do
anything- as I abide

God made me choose, to not refuse
He only had to ask
I'm overdue- I'd never do
more than Jesus has

To do my part with all my heart,
I would have to die
To live a life so piously,
I would stray from Holy side"

"So what", I say, "the Bible may
be writings of a lie?"
He answered me convincingly-
looking in my eye
He said to me so I may see
as if to prophesy

The truth I seek is "men are weak
and truth's the only lie

People never comprehend
what's beyond their eyes
So now I'm here in all their sin
He needed one as I

He needed me conceitedly
to humble all the meek
So now I'm here deceitedly
with a tear upon my cheek

My dying wish to God above
was to please remember me
And for Him to know I love Him so
right now and endlessly

People think it's all about
Good and Evil but
They never seem to ever see
Their eyes are often shut

It's more of what's within
than what you are without
Death to make you live again
is what it's all about

So now I try to hold a tear
as for my God I fell
Thank you for a storied ear,
Now Welcome To Your Hell"