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Somebody Tell Mama to Wake Up

Somebody Tell Mama to Wake Up

Mama wake up and love us like you're used to
Telling us everything is gonna be alright
Mama loves us and tells us stories
Singing us songs all through the night
Mama woke up and made us breakfast
Loving us all with all her might
Somebody please wonít you tell mama to wake up

Mama wake up cause I want to see you
I want to see you, my angel from the sky
Mama tells us we don't have to worry
Everybody in life will in some time die
Mama woke up but had her last look
Her last look was her watching me cry 
and me screaming goodbye
Somebody please, won't you tell mama to wake up

Mama wake up before they cover you
With all the dirt and send you to the skies
Mama wake up so you can hold me
And tell me you were just closing your eyes
Mama wake up and tell me you just took
Your long rest and take back our goodbyes
Mama wake up, you can't sleep in heaven
One day I'll be there to see you open your eyes
Somebody please tell my mama to wake up