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Perhaps, Never Apart

Perhaps, Never Apart

You are one of the greatest,
most extraordinary people in my life because
Romeo had Juliet and Sonny had Cher
Ozzie had Harriet always there
Hitchcock's silhouette, Green eggs and ham
Scarlet had Rhett - but I give a damn

Bonnie had Clyde until the day they died
Clark had Lois, but I can't seem to fly
Baskin and Robbins
Batman and Robin, but we've got nothing to hide
Amos and Andy, Bugs and Daffy
Jekyll, he always had Hyde

Cleopatra and Mark, Lewis and Clark
Frankenstein's frightening bride
Tom had jerry, they fought but we know
They knew alone they were nothing so deep inside

Those two on the Titanic, who swore to never let go
They'd never let go until the other died
Huckleberry and Jim, he's not a nigger to him
Forrest and Jenny, Barbie and Ken
Peaches and Cream, livin' in sin
J-Lo had Puffy, someone else, then Ben

Kermit had Piggy, and I'm not calling you fat
Laverne had Shirley,
if you're old enough to remember that
Or if you can somehow remember Mindy and Mork
And if you know something about religion,
we're NOT like Muslims and pork

So now I can be Tarzan, and you can be Jane
You can be Pinky, and I can be the Brain
That comet and Haley, Barnum and Bailey
Wayne, Garth, Barney, and Fred
Squarepants and Bob, Calvin and Hobbes
Beavis always had his Butthead

Cheech and Chong, smoking a bong
Siegfried and Roy, so gay with their flair
Adam had Eve, Belle and the Beast
Thelma and Louise holding hands in the air

But they never landed
That's not how they planned it
They'd always be together holding hands in the end
That's how we are
Perhaps never apart
But surely together - always as friends

The couples that didn't make the cut:

Bert and Ernie
Ethel and Fred
Homer and Marge
Joseph and Mary
Ebony and Ivory
Lucy and Ricky
Ren and Stimpy
Veronica and Archie
Albert and Costello
Popeye and Olive
Butch and Sundance
Chip and Dale
Ashton and Demi
Frick and Frack
Romy and Michelle
Hansel and Gretel
Lady and Tramp
Lancelot and Guinevere (with King Arthur jealously watching)
Lilo and Stitch
Kate and Leopold
Milo and Otis
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
PB & J
Abercrombie and Fitch
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Rum and coke (some relationships are more intoxicating than others)
Starsky and Hutch
Turner and Hooch
Venus and Serena
Yogi and BooBoo
Will and grace
Ying and Yang
The Ying Yang Twins