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in love with the ocean

in love with the ocean

I thought I had
an ocean.
I thought I had emotion.
I thought I had
more than just
a puddle in my hand.

I thought it couldn't
find me.
I thought it couldn't blind me.
But loving you
must be
part of the plan.

I'm not a man...
I'm just a fool
in love
with a fool
who's never gonna
love me.

I thought it was
I thought it was an ocean.
But devotion's just a drop
of rain
that fell,
and not a flood.

I thought I was an ocean.
I thought I was the sea,
but little did I know
I've never been...
what you are to me.

I'm just a tear you'd see
before you'd ever blink.

the sweat upon your brow you'd wipe
off before you'd think.

But still all I know,
All I know...
is you're the ocean to me.