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I Feel Blessed (to watch you dress)

I Feel Blessed (to watch you dress)

I set my alarm
twice at night
I set it twice,
I must confess

I don't know whether
it's wrong or right,
but I feel blessed to watch you dress

I hate the fact
you've gotta leave,
while I'd hate to be
the one who's left

Six o'clock's
too early
for me to wake,
I must confess

I peek through eyes, the blinded light
is cast by shade, embittered west
A morning rise to my delight,
what I've distressed

You see me stare-
the bathroom door-
You feel my gaze
upon your back

Every day
through that door,
and I love the way
you leave it cracked

Every day
through all the years
I know you know,
I must confess

Now back to sleep
I've gotta go,
asleep again in happiness

So if you ever need to know
in times you feel like something less
Know that there's a sleepless soul,
without a trace of bitterness

With no remorse for waking up
With no remorse for dreams I've left
The dreams I've had with open eyes
shadow all the rest

And I feel blessed
I feel so blessed
I feel blessed to watch you dress