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Porch Lights

Porch Lights

I'm burning bridges like
torch lights - might as well
be in a cave.
I see there's no turning back now,
but at least
there's no one to save.

She said she'd leave on the
porch lights, but
she's nobody's slave.
How could I ask for more
when it was ALL that she gave?

Across the street from the corner
is an alley unpaved.
:: it turns out it only felt like
a cave ::

Life's dropped me, seething;
but still I'm breathing.
The only trick's to make it better
than it was before.

Life's robbed me, bleeding;
but still I'm breathing.
Mugged me,
after thieving
the corner store.

:: Guess I should've loved you more ::

And I guess I should've been stronger
being so weak.
Or you should've been weaker
being so strong.

If we never listen,
why even speak?
we haven't spoken
in so very long.

:: She said that's my favorite song ::

And my eyes opened wide.
I should've known that
after seven years.

Life's got me bleeding,
something a little more
than these
severed tears.

:: She says it's been this way
for years ::

I left you a while;
and so untouched.
I guess I didn't notice
very much.

You jigsawed
my heart
when you could've halved.
I'd appreciate the artistry
if it didn't
hurt so bad.

:: You were everything I had ::

Couldn't believe
you'd leave
my broken-
hearted sleeve,
but I guess it was my fault
for putting it there...
to share.

:: Just know I care ::

Torch lights,
Porch lights,
Alleys unpaved,

And me wishing it were ALL I gave.