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I'm bored of water,
bored of air.
I swore to God
I wouldn't swear;
but profanity isn't shit compared
to what we do out there.

I've water-boarded my fair share
in the name of Jesus Christ.
I've gripped the whip
and whipped the whip;
apathetically I've sliced.

Pathetically, I live in fear.
Bored of water, yet
still I tear.

I don't know what I'm doin here,
but God I hope you're near.

I'm bored of borders.
Lord, the hoarders
are keeping the money to themselves.
Oh, I wouldn't care
if only air
was needed to stay alive.

A hoard of borders.
Oh Lord, the horrors!
I mean there's guns upon our shelves.
While doing this, it's impossible
to let all of us survive.

And what's the point in living life
if you only live it for yourself?
Just keep torturing, just keep torturing...
until there's YOU
and no one else!