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Yeah... so don't you just hate it when some little wannabe white guy tries to sound black or when some uncle Tom black guy tries to sound all white or when some ditsy white girl dates a black guy or when some ghetto black girl speaks so loud in public or when some gay dude is so flamboyant or when some lesbian looks like a dude? I don't.

I say, lets have a world filled with white rappers, black politicians, interacial relationships, black women who have been quieted so long actually expressing themselves, and homosexuals who do whatever the hell they want. The world imposes so many unspoken rules on what you are supposed to act like. Who can and can't dance. Who should enjoy school and who should just stick to sports. The world says these things and stereotypes and our own close-mindedness is what gives those rules the air to breathe. To kill those things, all we have to do is be respectful of, be tolerant of, and actually be supportive of the white guy who wants to rap, the black guy who wants to teach, the high-pitched voice blonde who has something smart to say, the black girl who is just being herself, the white guy who wants to play sports, the asian who speaks more "American" than any white person, the gay guy who feels the need to express himself, the black guy who wants to listen to more then just hip-hop, the black guy who just happens to like only hip-hop, the asian who feels like going to Panda Express tonight, the black guy who has just happened to have been in prison, the white girl who is actually rich and has never had an "ethnic" friend, the latino who feels like speaking spanish to his "amigo", the latino who can't speak "mexican", the black kid who wants to play ice hockey, the girl who wants to play football, the girl who has only "played" cheerleading, the dreamer who wants to change the world, the poor man who wants to stay poor, the rich man who tries to look poor, the black kid in the school pool, the white guy just having fun at the dance, the black kid sitting in the front row of class, the arab guy who really isn't arab that works at 7-11, the arab man who's never heard of 7-11, the bald white guy who is not a Nazi, the Asian kid who isn't good at math, and all the rest of the people who aren't just trying or trying not to fulfill any sterotype but are just trying to be who they are and could care less how they were affecting any abstract and artificially created stereotype of how they are supposed to be in this world.
That's how the world can be made better. But hey, maybe that's just what I think and who I am. Have a nice day.