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She peaked around the corner in disrepair
to see disquietly if he's still there
Then not so quietly, she ran up the stairs
Shut the door to lock out all her fears

Tossed the key and covers above her head
Thanking God that only her heart was dead
One by one dropped water sewn like tears
The anger of a daughter through all the years

The mirror held a black and the bluest trace
The mirror that she held to see her face
The dream that she dreamt within her day
was for the night to come and take her day away

Her once hated figure took away her fright
The warmest of embraces through all the night
Then another scene within her dreamy sight -
to see her Dad leave the house and all her life

with his hand not again to ease her strife
But a dream, so it was...
This was not her life

The life she owned wasn't a dream to see
The bruises to a girl and the house to he
Her legs far too small to run away
That's how it was... That's how it is today

But any day her hand will avenge her heart
and shatter like the shattered had been torn apart
and piece together all her puzzled heart
So much is going on within the dark

to try to cease the family's pain, to ease her own
With her teddy bear and thoughts, she's all alone
The key fallen quietly upon the floor
She's locked her heart and locked her bedroom door