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When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly

A pig flies over a frozen hell
but all is still not well
His wings ache
for they've never flown before

The sun dies right at noon -
dying far too soon
Tears at daybreak -
more than any's known before

Snow's come down like summer rain
I said flip it once again
For no luck could hide my pain
Whether Heads or tails, I won't win

But on its side the coin has fell
Frozen is this hell
The pained sky flying by,
but all is still not well

They woke me from the sweetest dream
to tell me
that it's true
But back to sleep I sadly go
as the dream I'm fastened to

They said it couldn't happen,
not for one as I.
If summer were our heaven
it's only Fallen by

But I never turned an eye
I never said I'd die
Despite it all,
I let it all just pass me by