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choked up

choked up

Spoken in deepen sleep;
what I recall's the younger me.
Woken with wolves around me,
but we all live so hungrily.

To smile as you die young
beats to cry as you die old.
I'd rather do neither one,
but that's just a lie we're sold.

I was choked by the hands of destiny,
til it was I
who relinquished grip.
She joked and laughed so recklessly;
these spears were birthed
from our lips.

These fears were graved
deep in our souls;
unearthed to bear their sullen core.
She robbed me of so many
better days,
while the best were what we swore.

And the rest
is in a store with neighbors,
where they see me by myself.
These subtleties are more
than I can handle,
while I swore that they were less.

It's a mess - this life of ours...
where we breathe until we're gone.
And we're gone until we're breathing,
as the cycle rages on.

This sage is on
his final thought now;
I'm not as wise as I was before.

So place your hands around my neck, dear...
so I don't have to anymore.