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Blind, Fearless, and Broken

Blind, Fearless, and Broken

Your fearless heart
torn apart
Your torso be a grave

But fear had gripped you from the start
while your heart, forever brave,
had blinded eyes
within a dark-
a dark, demented cave

And to a love,
to a love
you've always been a slave
Your heart forever blinded
So it really wasn't brave
As you're constantly reminded
of everything you gave

by a hole entrenched
within your soul,
blinded in the dark
your mind decides to go… and go
while blinded by your heart

But don't blame the darkness for its pain
Don't blame the sky for rain
Don't blame your heart and mind
for being brave
while being slain

Don't blame the one not meant for you
for proving that it's true:
There's someone
somewhere out there
that's truly meant for you

For it's somewhat brave
for blinded eyes
to venture through the dark

So know you're brave
Just know you're brave
with all your mind and heart