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Billy Ray

Billy Ray

Billy Ray came to school today
It's been so long, but he came anyway
Just this once, he's gonna learn a thing or two

Saw a girl down the hall
He was kinda short; she was kinda tall
But it didn't matter, he did what he had to do

Hands all red while he gave his heart
to a girl who tore it all apart
What he learned that day, our boy would never tell

He got much more than he bargained for
His heart beside him on the floor
It was figurative, but it hurt like hell

She hands our boy a crown of thorns
she made from roses that were worn
She's been handed her share of flowers long before

Hands still red but in his heart,
the color's faded in the dark
He tried to paint it red, but couldn't anymore

The morning rise awoke his eyes
It smelled like roses that had died
Awoken long before he realized what was done

He said come to mind, but let me be
None so blind as who refuse to see,
but that doesn't apply when someone's looking at the sun

Awoken long 'fore he saw his heart
was broken, wronged, and torn apart
He looked again, for he felt so insecure

Skipping school once again,
the spear on his side has gone within
His best excuse, but the worst thing he's endured

They say in love, we all must learn
They say that fire's gotta burn
But what would happen if they never said those things?

Would the whip still lash upon a back?
Would closed eyelashes bring a black
that only closed eyes could ever truly bring?

The girl's bore pains that were her cross
She's found herself within a loss
But that doesn't mean she's gotta nail his skin

Lying there in the dark,
her pain's so far in his heart
He feels the pain that had always been

Footprints dressed all in red
They thought our boy was all but dead
But so much wont happen if you learn to just refuse

Billy Ray came to school today
Broken heart, but anyway
He says love's a game that somebody's gotta lose