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I'm hearin' teardrops out my window
I'm hearin' cries that ain't the wind
I'm lookin' in the mirror
'cause this feels like it's the end

Love's like dancin' in the rain
to a song you'll never learn
in waters that would drown you
if they ever failed to burn

Lookin' out my window -
out my window once again,
I see someone sadly knows
but doesn't understand
He failed to hear the thunder
loudly say to him
"We've seen our share of broken hearts"
He had a dream he held within

but sometimes you've gotta wake
There are times that never mend
Lightning struck what it would break -
Love's murdered once again

But the rain just falls
and through it all,
the sky can't keep from crying
I saw the man just fall and fall
This guy can't keep from trying
Demented rain to kill again,
relented now in sighing
In the rain, I think again -
what's the use in trying?

I heard a phone that had to ring
but only in a mind
did he ever call her back
In reality she cried

Cold's the same as loneliness
She's frozen to the bone
So lost she is from happiness,
she's found herself alone

The wind blew through her opened door
Her head - it never turned
For why shy away from loneliness
to only end up burned

She woke today and didn't pray
All the rain had dried away
The morning sun made her think
What's the use in crying?

She had her tears, but never here
He died trying to find her
But all that life has made her think
is what's the use in dying?