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Why Not?

Why Not?

A little girl asks if she can pet the doggy
The blind smiles and says "why not?"
She asks him if he's just pretending
He loves the innocence--- his only thought
He crosses the street one step by one step
Sometimes bravery's all we've got

He makes it home and turns the light off
Sometimes he does but often not
He just feels a little bit better
As the light somehow eases his heart
I mean, who's ever heard of a blind man
who swears he's afraid of the dark?

The sun's gone down, his day's now over
He only knows because it's cold
The girl next door kinda likes him
But she's too shy to let him know
She only glances with that one look
That any lover's ever known
But she falls asleep again with her light on
as she's a little scared to be alone

They both wake from dreams uncertain
They keep their dreams too far within
They both leave around the same time
He leaves his light on once again
Every day's just every day
Until you let something else seep in
They pass by one another
He's missed her glance once again

The dog and he both like the perfume
As the dog barks, his owner knows
Walking on, he still smells her perfume
No matter where he goes

Coming up, he hears her coming
The little girl from the day before
He laughs as she bumps into him
Because he knows her eyes are closed
He grabs her outstretched arms and says to her
"Always be who you are right now"
If he only knew how much he's helped her,
right there and then he'd take a bow

But he just lived his day like any other
Sometimes things are never thought
The sun's gone down again without him
It's not cold, but it's not hot
The girl next door has lived her day too
But she's lived hers within a thought
Towards his door, she's now walking...
Sometimes bravery's all we've got

Three stories each containing their own version of innocence, fear, and faith