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I can't lie in no more of this darkness
Tore down the blinds from inside my mind
I broke the glass, I see my hands are bleeding
No more I want than what should be all mine

I look at the past and say, "You can't hurt me!"
Eye to eye, I refuse to back away
But you know that Time
Has lost to no man
And still, I stand 
Through tears, I stand so brave

I say "Destiny! I know you don't want me."
Still this time no pity does it show
But from the ground, I show it didn't kill me
In the darkness, I still refuse to go

I say to Fate, "You're gonna have to kill me
To keep me from what should be all mine.
You can strike me back, but know I'll keep coming-
I'll strive for love till I die."

Till I say "Eternity! Did you mean it when you left me
On the ground where all I could do was rise?"
And still on I'll go
And on I'll go...
no matter his reply.