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She danced across the dollars
and danced across my eyes

But never did she look at me;
and if she did,
that's just a lie.

The song she always danced to
was the one she used to like
way back in days of junior high ---
that's the way that she survived.

Reminders of her innocence
were slow to fade away
But still they've always faded
with every step along the way.

They said to me I better
get myself a virgin bride.
Well, I'm sure she used to be…
but that joke just made her cry.

She danced across the dollars
within and out my life.
Many have asked me more than once
why I've made a whore my wife.

But never have I harmed them
for I've often thought the same.
Mostly when I wasn't thinking
and if I was, that's just a shame.

Because I know my woman's dancing
to try to ease her pain.
And in way, I've noticed truthfully
we all have danced the same.

So as she takes her clothes off
all that she reveals
is there's something deep inside of her
that she's trying to conceal.

And we each have what we've hidden
We each have sold our souls
We each have sinned a thousand sins,
but most were never told.

And still she has that song of hers
from her days in junior high.
Most of us have forgotten ours…
I wish I still had mine.

'Cause that's what makes her beautiful
and only that I get to see.
We go out for our dinner
to that bar across the street.

Now I know that's not quite far enough
if we were trying to hide in shame.
But I guess we weren't, we smile
as life's too short for pain.

We've paid the man in dollar bills ---
He smiles just the same.
I'm looking at the one I love
without an ounce of shame.

I'm looking at the one I love
as she looks right back at me.
With all the people in the world,
we're the only ones we see.

She danced across the dollars
within and out my life.
She's taught me more than anyone ---
She's my woman… she's my wife.