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The Light's Dimmed

The Light's Dimmed
A conversation with my only muse, my only love

She says "The light's dimmed"
"I'm sorry", I say to my true love
So many thoughts in my mind
As I look above

It rained today 
like tears I say,
Like tears on a newborn's open grave
Although memories flee from me, 
It's them I still forgave

The ideas in me are thundering
Like a storm of dreams at night
She wonders what I'm wondering
I see it in her sight
She sees in me
I have something
That I've just got to write

But with no napkin 
And with no a pen, 
I see that she implores
I say to her I'll be alright 
I'll be alright I swore

I just smile as she smiles
We smile a little more
I say "Really
its okay, 
I've lost my thoughts before.

I wrote for you so long ago
That it seems I never did
With a love for you just like my pain
The pain I've always hid

In love with you for all of time
In the time that I'm amid
I try to make what I've done
And what's been done undid

I wrote a poem so long ago
Before I ever wrote
I gave it to you while in class
In passing like a note

I gave you words that were mine
Every line by line
I gave you words that were mine
So what, they didn't rhyme

So what, some words were spelt
Kinda, sorta wrong
So what, the poem to you
Seemed so very long

I wrote you what I felt
I always write just how I feel
I play the dreams I'm dealt
And you were always real

And now I've written more
Since my light was shining bright
The first time that I wrote
So long ago that night

Now I've written words 
of heroes and of saints
Of an angel's world-
The hell of love's restraint

Now I've written words 
of blind men having dreams
Of loves that come apart 
so sadly at the seams

But all of you, they always were
Every single line
Every stanza's breathed the words
I wish that you were mine

The light's dimmed 
But I swear
To me it's only bright
I don't even read the words
It's them I only write

For I cant read within the dark 
Within my darkest nights
My dreams of you have taken me
And taken all my sight

The light's dimmed,
But I swear
To me it's only bright
I only write of you
Of you, I only write

I said, "I only write of you,
so I don't need much light."