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Those Bloody Diamonds!

Those Bloody Diamonds!

Synthetically, the gems
are better than the real,
with just a feel of insanity setting them apart
We should live more.
The things we die for are tearing at my heart

A Picasso's worth more
than its copies 'cause its real,
but a hundred million dollars could do a lot more if we were smart
We should live more.
A beggar's died for the money of our art

The end of oil wars and oil wells
if electricity would sell,
but the cars were surely sabotaged indirectly from the start
I guess we're powered by other means,
when we should be driven by our hearts

And ain't a damn thing priceless
but the weight of someone's soul-
Still even that's damned and bought
far too many times
But in a diamond mine
they're not thinking of a thing---
Just how great their gems will look
on your wedding ring

We should live more.
The things we die for
don't really mean a thing

The only two discernable differences between a real diamond and a synthetic diamond (besides the far cheaper cost of the synthetic diamond) are the real diamond's natural flaws and the legally sanctioned engraving on the synthetic diamond saying its fake. The human eye, however, can't even see the aforementioned flaws (both the flaws of the real diamond and the flaws of the situation's absurdity). We truly live in a ridiculous world.