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Dedicated to my little brother who just "found out" last week---
---figuratively dead at the age of 11.

"I said goodbye to Santa
far too soon"
said a little girl at the age of 3

"My eyes wide open
far too soon,
while I never really cared to see"

My mother told me
she died back when-
back in 1963
My father told me
"I'm not sure when.
It's been too long of a time for me"

My mother thinking
of my brother's friends
who refused to ever rest in peace
Told my brother,
told my brother when
all of his life would sadly cease

I knew a boy
at the age of ten
who was smiling as he believed
I remember I was almost ten
before that last breath ever came to me

I can still recall
to wave goodbye
wasn't ever really the greatest thing
I mean why you gotta make someone cry
just because you don't believe in anything?

Now someone told me love's a lie
when I died at age 23
A girl who couldn't tell me why
I thought that was the cruelest thing

My uncle died at 45
He heard that faith wasn't an entity
Makes me wonder,
makes me wonder why
did it ever have to be

And I've heard rumors
that hope's a lie
Well, I hope that information
never comes to me

If you can tell me this,
then tell me why…
it means so much to me

A little boy
at the age of ten
That child could have been you or me

Now I wish for days
of way back when
as I hope Santa comes back eventually