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A Bottle of God

A Bottle of God

Midnight's doom
has come too soon
Thinking about it here at noon,
they say believe whatever you want
Well, I do…
but I don't believe that's true

I've got a bottle of God
It's odd-
I'm still drinking
though the spirit's gone

The liquor's gone,
and everyone's
more than intoxicated
And to think you won't be drunken
doesn't mean a damn thing
when you're wrong

Our porcelain god's
continually robbed
more than what I had in me
And I've got a bottle of God
at odds
with anyone and everyone

Did you know alcohol's a poison we try to control?
Did you know religion's decision's more than a soul?
And a soul's priceless.
And prayer works.
And there's gotta be a reason for everything.

And even if there's not,
we've still got
a bottle of God
continually passed around the room
Perhaps a bottle of nothing,
but a life full of something
that's gone
much too soon

As in fair Verona's Corona,
we've hennessied our way
to the shores of Malibu
But God's still there
He's still there no matter what we do

Along with Adams and Beam,
Jesus and me
Along with Morgan and Daniels too
With Jose Cuervo's Colt 45
strewn upon the avenue

He tried to ruin the party
He tried to ruin the party,
but he just couldn't ruin the mood

So now the time's come
for a liquor run
some time before the party's done,
and some time before I die the same
Gotta have a little fun
I know it's dumb…
to pour it all down the drain

A quarter to ten
The midnight's end
isn't really that far away
I'm just waiting for the party to begin
at the party's end,
although it's gone on all day

And I wanna see
I just wanna see
where the spirits take me…
if the spirits ever may

You can come
You could always come
It's always been your choice to stay

I've got a bottle of God
It's odd
You can say what you want to say
No matter the words
No matter the words,
it's all a prayer to Him anyways

So just say what you want to say
and pray how you want to pray
It all works, so just pray to the sun
Or pray to the moon
Or pray to the noon
Or pray 'til the morning comes

All I know is this bottle of God's almost done.