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Romeo y Juliette

Romeo y Juliette

As I see them on the balcony,
their lives become a stage.
I see her in my fantasies;
within them I am caged.
Imprisoned by my love for her
in a fit of jealous rage.
A love story for all of time
goes on right on that stage.

I know their love is timeless
I know their loveful fate
Their play goes on before me -

spectating I must wait
Her love is all I've ever learned
Now teach me how to hate
I know that she's his destiny,
but why can't she be my fate?

The poison that was killing them
is what kept their love alive.
But I have no poison for me to drink
How must I survive?
I'm thirsty for that drink of his
I'm thirsty now to die
For me to be that Romeo,
I would give my life.

"O' where for art thou?", I hear her loudly say.
"Here I am, my Juliet", I say so out of place.
But look at me with wondered eyes,
she knows not what to say.

The greatest love story of all of time,
and I'm not in the play!