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If life's a voice, then you're my song
You're who my dreams sing of all night long

If life's a poem, then my day's the pen
To live for you every day again and again

If life's a flower, then you're my sun
My life's nothing without you
Without you, it's done

If life's a road, I'll walk with you
No matter how bumpy or windy,
we'll make it through

If life's a chance,
it's one I'll
take for you

I'll make it true
so we'll make it through

If life's a whisper, I'll scream for you
I'll long for you 'cause our love's true

And if life is life, so let live and live
All that I have is all I'll give

to create our poem, to hear our song,
to live our lives together
all life long.