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Not that it matters now

Not that it matters now,
but I would've added a knee
(from one to two)
if you would've said 'No' to me.
Begged from legs
'til you agreed
to marry me.

Not that it matters now,
but the saddest days
had me feeling like shit;
but I've gotta admit
that I'm happier now...
because of it.

Not that it matters now,
but my heart keeps
saying it's through.
Not that it shatters now,
but that it beats
for you...
and only you.

And I swear the years
have all been
kind to me.
I swear my dreams
have all come true.
Not that it matters now;
it's just that my dreams
were all I knew.

And when we
couldn't get any madder now,
that's just 'cause
I care for you!
We remember the latter now,
'cause that's what wives
and husbands do.

I swear all that matters now
are just the joys
that we accrue,
and the fact that -
if I had to do it all over again -
I'd still marry you.