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Climaxingly Quiet

Climaxingly Quiet

Taken knee
when in prayer,
when fallen unaware,

when in cries,
when in rise,
when she's looking in your eyes.

The white has come
in different shades
(Shades of sin
and of regret)
You've heard of shades of blissful love, but
that hasn't happened to you yet.

With things unlike
they used to be
a waning time ago;
to talk or smoke a cigarette,
you never really know.

Although you've never smoked,
the awkward, silent air
is thinking you should start it up.
The habits that we wear

are stained upon our perfect skin-
with every shade of white
except the one that matters most
in the awkwardness of night.

You fall asleep far before
your eyes would ever tire
Desire's just a shade upon
the linen of your bed.

The white has come while nothing else
ever really mattered.
That's what you try to tell yourself
in the awkwardness ahead.