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The City of Me ---Trilogy - part three

The City of Me ---Trilogy - part three

Set upon darken,
tortured skies
have entirely bled
what they will bleed

I've burned the hospitals
in my mind,
still my soul needs
what it'll need

Uncrowded streets- by
my design-
cover the scars
I couldn't bleed

I've erected the statues-
call it pride,
but heroes have lived
to never cede

Heroes like Faith-
as even I
have fallen in tears
upon my knees

I'm recalling vacations-
love aside-
in the city of sweet

Breezes that blew
through our minds-
screaming at us
to let 'em be-

have littered the tollways
of my heart,
uncluttered by all
we'd never see

But even through all
that's ever fallen…
Even through all
that's ever fell,

we're building it all
once again;
but our heaven has always been
made from hell…

Rebuilding it all
once again
Rebuilding it all
because we must

Building another
martyr's statue---
formerly known as Trust

But luckily our
Forgiveness, she's…
still a hero
to us all.

(Well, she's fallen a few times
as I recall,
but fortunately she's
lived to crawl)

In the city of me,
there were highways
In the city of me,
there were cars

mangled and dangled
upon the surface
of all we sadly are

In the city of you,
there were towers
bearing the clocks
of our time---

We've mangled and dangled our
every hour
while our hands were
out of line

We've taken the rains
that have flooded
We've taken the blames
that accuse

We've taken each other's
battered cities,
exploring our sacred

Ignoring the shadows
that have blinded,
opening blinds
for breezes new

Thinking of all,
I've been reminded that…
what's shitty in me
is pretty in you.

We're lost and we're
somewhat blinded
somewhere along this avenue

We're lost, but I
know we'll find it…
in the city of me,
in the city of you.