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To Find Him

To Find Him

I tried to find him on the Christian cross, 
but he was never there
Through the temples… of the Hindus,
he wasn't anywhere

The pagodas and cathedrals
and synagogues were bare
I tried to find him in the abbeys,
in the tabernacle's air

I questioned all the scholars 
and scoured all the shrines
Philosophers… I've found him 
to be beyond their minds

I searched through holy mountains 
and lowly valleys; but again,
no depth nor any city…

He's not in the Vatican

nor the granite stones of Kaaba
or the Mithraism caves
He's not in the pyramids
nor the wraith of all its slaves

I searched throughout the world,
but should've known it from the start
I never saw him anywhere
until I looked into my heart

-a poetic reworking of the words and thoughts of Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)