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To Trust or not to Trust

To Trust or not to Trust.......

I've found that the people you can trust most in life are those who are most trusting of others. Conversely, the best way to be a person worthy of trust is to be trusting of others as well. The usual problem accompanying this, of course, is that blind trust often times leads one into becoming naive or gullable. I believe it is better to be those things than to be cynical and distrustful. A person who isn't trusting of others is one of two things. Either that person thinks they're the same as everyone and is as obviously untrustworthy as everyone who isn't trusted by that individual or the person thinks they're better than everyone else and a person like that shouldn't be trusted at all. So be gullable and naive if you have to... even as a tactical device and measure. If someone lies to you and you aren't sure as to whether they're doing so, discover the truth by simply believing them and the next time(s) their lies will be less imaginative, more outrageous, and less creatively deceptive and if they are indeed lying, it will be become that much more apparent. So respect the naive and be wary of the untrusting individuals of the world. Be gullable and have faith in others. But, hey... that's just what I think.