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All-In (A Texas Hold'em Tale)

All-In (A Texas Hold'em Tale)

I've played Hearts with whiskey
I've played Gin with rum
I've played Omaha in a Birmingham city jail

I've played Russian Roulette
in Iowa until I won,
but nothing was like playing Texas Hold'em in hell

The Devil dealt
like he always did-
from the bottom of the deck within his sin

But no one cared
His actions slid,
'cause it's not really cheating if you never win

A drunken angel held her cards
just a little too low again
But I never cheated
although I knew I should
Deep down, I knew how to win

Aces high, deuces wild
Blinded like an adolescent child
I never knew who to truly believe

God beside me
The Devil's eyed me
But both have a trick up their sleeve

I try to catch a glimpse
of an eye trying to catch
a glimpse of the eye of me

I've been caught before
They'd tell me more
but they'd never truly let me see

Eights in my pocket
and a tiny little locket
but I don't know what's in my jeans
No beginning or an end
I thought of her again
but I don't know what that truly means

We got a man trying to be
a man trying to see
if he can somehow become a rich tycoon
But what he looks like to me
is a man trying to see
a dream that folded much too soon

A woman to his right
playin' an ace
and Fate to the right of her

God's screamin'
"Just give me some space!"
We all know what's about to occur

But the game all stops
when a brokenhearted lover
refuses to play the cards she's dealt
The cards stacked against her---
She's never played her cards right
while waiting for her heart to melt

But I kept lookin' at the angel
who reminded me
that two cards don't always make a pair
I just bet a little more-
I've been discarded before
I bluffed like a millionaire

No kings or any queens in the world today-
we're livin' in a joker'd deck
I might've found me a queen
but I wasn't her king,
I'm the man who just had to check

Reached for my heart-
only one in my pocket
I was gonna to give it all to her
I slipped my angel that tiny little locket
that wasn't so small to her

Never did she want
the beauty of a diamond
She smiled as the river turned

Taught me once again
that winning's impossible,
but never did she truly learn

Impossible's just
what we say when we've lost-
when we've lost all our grasp of hope
The Devil with a smirk on his smiling face-
thinkin' that we might elope

We bet a little more, knowing what's in store
We both knew we couldn't win
Everyone could see were just two defeated winners
waiting for the game to end

The odds were so against us, we had to go all-in
but Fate had a perfect hand
We got up from the table, counted all our dimes
but all we had left was sin

With a smile on my face,
I've never had an ace
I never truly tried to win

We went out for some coffee
we barely could afford,
not waiting for the game to end