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A House in Flames

A House in Flames

My heart I've found is burning down
It's burning down to the ground
Memories flee through doors I've seen
but are you in there?

Dreams I've had are jumping now
They're jumping down to the ground
They jump through windows to be free,
but are you in there?

Some memories made it out
but some pictures were left to burn
Burning inside, we heard their cries
But were you in there?

And Fate is just an eight year old
A little boy out in the cold
Watching his home burn before his eyes,
he wonders if you're in there

In the arms of Love, he is embraced
Love has ashes on her face
mixed with tears leaving stains
The red has all but washed away

All that's left as I implore
is all the Pain and nothing more
He never made it through the doors they say
Left for dead or so they swore
More than just a metaphor
because I still feel him in my core today

Bravery rushing in
for all of whom he could save
Regret and guilt and cowardice
all owe their lives to him they say

Loneliness consoles us all
with calm, ironic, soothing eyes
Tells us not to worry now-
easing all our cries

My hearts in flames within its sin,
but so inflamed it's always been
But not like this I say again
as the fire lost control one day

My heart is just in ruins now
Searched it through and never found
my soul as I am praying now-
maybe it got away

But you I never worry for
I say you needn't look for her
For I know you weren't in the house
because you never were.