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All the Flightless Birds

All the Flightless Birds

Dreams and wings
Hopes and feathers
There must have been a time
we were able to fly…
far before our evolution took such things for granted

And there are things labeled impossible-
I don't know why-
or whether or not
to even try to fly
All I feel is the need to try to understand it

The ostrich is large
and one of the fastest,
but indeed
there are better things than speed
I've got a desire and a passionate soul
and I've got an endless, aching need

The penguin is graceful
when it should be drowning,
but I'd rather be drowning than
to not have flight

And kiwis endure
what I wish I could
It's hard to withstand
the darkest nights

But I've got desire, and passion,
and a shaking need
All of which I've never really tried to use
I've got eyes
that truly see the sky,
but I've got arms that refuse

Dreams and wings
Hopes and feathers
A thought in my mind that lets me choose
Yet another thought
about all our feathers:
What you don't use, you're bound to lose

I don't know much
and perhaps I know nothing,
but I'm sure when I've seen my biggest dreams…

I'm thinking our wings
were surely meant…
I'm sure they were meant for greater things

Human beings rarely reach their full potential. In your life, be sure to use your wings and at least try to fly. And by wings… I mean you should put your dreams, hopes, ambitions, desires, and passion to some use before you wind up being grounded by the extreme gravitational force that is time. Penguins are cute, but I believe they're just a little too content with being frozen twice over.