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Those Asylum Doors


I put on a coat, nay, a straitjacket
because it's cold outside
and it's starting to rain
Outside the doors to the sanitarium,
I calmly went insane

Temporarily free,
I was temporarily me
but that turned out to be suicide
So I headed back
through those asylum doors
because I've got nowhere else to hide

While temporarily sane,
I recited your name
in a whisper behind every word that I spoke
I've committed myself
For nobody else
could understand a heart that had already been broke

I sought clearer skies
but realized
that sanity isn't always a cure
I've committed myself
because nobody else
could comprehend what I had to endure

They can hear me say
I've got to get away
from being inside my mind
They can hear me plea
All my sanity
is all that I'm leavin' behind

They can hear me say
I've got to find a way
to somehow get out of my mind
If I could be anywhere,
I'd be wherever you were mine

So now I'm looking out
my window again
I've already wandered through the rain
Now I'm looking out my window again
as I wonder- through the pain-

why the one I'm crazy about
is the one who's driving me insane---
And why the one I'm crazy about
is still somewhere in the rain

And I wonder as I'm wandering
where I've found myself again-
why there's no place I'd rather be
than by this windowpane