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As it ends ---
I never tell you that I've seen you
at times when you weren't there,
that I've smelled you...
in my dreams.

As it ends ---
I never mention that I've sent ya
many more messages...
than it seems.

As it sends ---
the emails that were perfect,
the rest to be discarded
like me.

And as my heart
is never truly broken,
dreams that I've woken
tell me they're invincible...
so let it be.

But as it bends,
my heart that I gave you -
remember how it saved you;
well, now it's surely
saving me.

As it ends ---
I'm glad that it's mending.
All we had is ending,
but that's not
I see.

I see my dreams
are somehow never dying
just how they said it be -
despite it all

And it seems
that all of me is flying
when common sense would tell ya
that I shouldn't even have the strength
to crawl.

And so we know
that us together
is more than just a fairy tale,
but still I keep on
reading on.

And so we go
towards our forever,
as I hope you're somewhere down
this road that I'm

'Cause I fly
or at least I'm surely crawling.
Either way I'm still moving
as I pray you're not ever
moving on.

And I fly
even if I'm falling,
with the skin of both my knees

As it ends,
it's just beginning.
I swear because I love you
that I'll never be
moving on.

It begins
as you say you love me,
never mind what Fate -
never mind what it had
in store.

So you send
some year-old message.
You tell me that you save 'em
you tell me you have
many more.

And so you say
you saw me flying;
and as I tell you that I merely
was sad and slowly dying
on the floor,

you saw more
than just me crying.
You saw I would always
love you,
so you would always
love me

What I wore
by our bedside,
with us lying naked -
with your skin draped upon my

And so I soar
as what I'm feeling
is exactly what you're feeling,
or maybe just a
little more.

And so I swore
that I'm dreaming,
but I'll stay asleep if you tell me -
buy anything you sell me
'til I have no more.

And I swear
I know we'll make it
even if we have to fake it -
I remember lying naked

And I swear
that we're forever.
For what's the use in a soulmate,
if my soul's
no longer there.

on earth I'll find you.
I'll live to remind you
of the love
we've always had.

I'm not mad,
I'm just chasing
the horizon like the sun
tries to do.

I'm not sad,
I'm just pacing
around in my dreams
thinking of how to make 'em true.

As it ends ---
it's just beginning
a love is never-ending;
that is,
if it's

And so it sends,
my daily message.
I tell you that I love you,
as I know you'll always write me back.

And even if
we never have our everything,
at least, I say, there's always that.