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If Love Were

If Love Were

There's pain in veins
bereft of blood,
left above
to fall

pain in blame;
I've felt the same,
so I'm not above it all

If strength were love
I'd surely be
with a cane,

limping toward my destiny
But I'm sure you've
felt the same

If falling stars
truly fell,
they've fallen
through my hands

In loneliness I'd stand
with these
zealous fingertips

I've sown so many wishes,
yearned upon my lips
I've learned to only sip,
with these
jealous fingertips

There's pain in veins
bereft of blood,
bereft of love 'n' all

There's pain in rain,
but even more
when it never falls

Some cry themselves to sleep at night
while I
cry myself to wake

Either dreams are just that good, or life's
far too much to take

There's pain in veins
bereft of blood; but
even when it flows,

pains the same
Blame the rain,
but that's the way it goes

If love were here,
I wouldn't be
stranded by its side

like everyone
I've ever seen
If love were here, I'd hide

If love were here,
I'd cry my days
alone in jealousy,

alone in shattered dreams, as
surrounded as I'd seem

Luckily love is there,
wherever 'there' may be
I remember when I searched for it
across a drying sea

I remember how the stars fell down
for only you and me

I remember how
my fingertips- so

would feel the pain
in veins in vain

If love were here…
If love were here
I surely wouldn't be.