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Graffiti on the Wall

Graffiti on the Wall

Graffiti [her smile]
drawn upon
The artist, the culprit
long gone
But - to me-
decorating an old, shabby building
isn't much of a crime in any way.

out of jail he stays.
Prison bars, lover's heart
mistaken, awaken
often time.

But trapped inside this lover's heart,
was our culprit's only crime

Drawn upon, he had gone
giving just a smile.
Surely more
to her core
without a word to say.

Subpoenadly, dreamedly
forsaken all the while
His trial never come, but
she would always pray

And how was he to know
his smile made her smile?
He drew upon her wall
before he ran away

Everything to her
who smiled all the while
The graffiti on her wall
eternally would stay

Internally she'd say
it wasn't such a crime,
but the graffiti on the wall
would never fade away

She was weathered on the surface
[Crumbled by the rain]
And within, you know, she's truly
never been the same.

She never knew his name;
but the graffiti on the wall
had spoken loud enough
for all of us to know
it should never
be removed.

And so it never was.
So every now and then
when I pass her tattered wall
when I look upon her skin

When I look upon the wall
and see it caving in...

I think it not a crime
I think it all the time
that surely
something so beautiful
must be