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Kinda Like Rain

Kinda Like Rain

I couldn't possibly explain
or have anything to gain
from leaving you.
This rain is but an analogy,
yet still I'm soaked 
in all I see. 
I wouldn't complain
if you hated my very essence
because I too have hated me. 

I couldn't possibly regain
what I've lost without you. 
This pain is but a fallacy -
just signals stoked 
by electricity. 
I can probably sustain,
but that doesn't mean 
that I want to. 

Just 'cause you're strong enough
to last long enough
without an apology
doesn't ease your wounds. 
And just because I'm strong enough
to admit I was wrong enough
won't turn our gray sky blue. 

The rain might just be an analogy,
but I know this pain 
is true.