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God is on My Side

God is on My Side

God is on the side I'm on,
no matter where I stand
Every soil holds the ground
that holds its broken man

Still - as we cry and slowly die -
we know we'll make it through
For we stand upon this truth of ours
so all our steps are true

The nation now across the sea
(whichever side I'm on)
don't believe the same as we
and therefore all are wrong

There's only one God in the sky
and we bask now in His sun
May all the other sinners die -
whatever side I'm on

So although I'm but a broken man,
I stand up in my pride
No matter who I'm fighting for,
God is on my side

This poem is for all those too blind to see that there are no sides. For all those who fail to see that we're all in this world together. For everyone who truly believes that their beliefs are more supreme than anyone else's. And yes, that goes for the Atheists as well. Every one of us is basically guessing.