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Eleven After All

 Eleven After All

So take yourself out of the equation
'cause one plus one will always be a problem
We should have been in love more than just on occasion
The heaven we missed must have been a sin
All the lies, all the cries
add up to nothing at all
And when we'd fall - when love is called -
gray clouds engulfed the sky.
Maybe we should be eleven after all

You said to me there were never any strings attached,
but I know that's not true
'cause I saw you make them dance with your hands
And out of all the times I've ever flown,
this time my plane has crashed
I could never understand
what my mind has never known

And after all, I'm in your eyes
even if you choose to leave them closed
And I'm in your heart surviving still
even though it's very cold
And there's a wall from which I'd fall
if I ever chose to climb it at all
But I hear our voices let out a call
reaching over the highest walls
Maybe we'll meet on top of that wall

Maybe we should be eleven after all.