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Lost in Translation... Again

So silently weak,
I silently speak
With words no one can hear
Made violently weak
by all that is bleak
All that I seek's to hold you near

Restrained by a word
Our love is absurd, we see
Pained by a word
You never could
Even understand me

So left with a smile
From me to you,
You've given your smiles to me
All of the while
We never knew
How happy we could be

If somehow, someway
one of these days
I could hear you and you could hear me
So learning new words,
I struggle and read
Not foreign I'll one day be

With a love that's absurd,
I struggle and bleed
My heart needs you with me

I'm writing words
that you'll never read
With a heart you're failing to see
Screaming unheard,
I scream that I need
But you don't understand me

And I tell you I love you
but I see from your gaze
That my words mean nothing to you
And so you just think
it's some foreign phrase
That might not even be true

I tell you I need you
and you look at me
Like I've said nothing at all
You're telling me something,
I hope it's the same
As my hopes and wants all fall

So silently weak, we silently speak
So loudly with all of our hearts
Made violently weak by all that is bleak
With all that we're left in the dark