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::: If :::

::: If :::

If words were all you needed,
forever I would sing
Forever, I would write for you
if words
were everything

::: Hoarse, I’d be
with crippled fingers, but that
wouldn’t mean a thing :::

If time were just an ocean,
you would be my shore
Whether Destiny’s the
ebb or flow,
I’d swim forevermore

::: Just know I’d never drown
if you’re
what I’m swimming for :::

If I were old or poor
or if I were
rich and young,
I’d have it all if I had you
till all our days were done

::: Till all my songs were sung
Till all my words were wrote
Till we stood upon the sands of time
so we’d never have to float :::

And if all the if’s were answered
towards the end
or towards the start,
no if would ever matter… if
we’d never have to part