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Avenues of Blues

Avenues of Blues

We met at the corner
of tragedy and fate -
a sordid, crowded intersectional street.

Lookie-lou’s and vagabonds
staring at scenes:
car accidents, traffic fines, and
broken dreams.

I’ve got an avenue of blues
as I recall,
but I just can’t seem
to remember them all.

My car had stalled
when I was twenty-eight;
sort of a metaphor,
but I swear it
Pushed that car up the longest mile while
smiling and
thinking of you.

And really, who cares about analogies when allergies
and sore muscles have pained?
All I know is I’ve pushed this car
for too damn long.

Surely a simile
but it’s
really rained.
Even allegorically it’s gone all wrong.

I’ve got an avenue of blues
that I walk upon,
and this street’s

You see, I’ve seen the whole world
through postcards
and street signs
and clouded skies.

Speed limits
I’ve heeded
that were far too high.
Women I’ve needed, never
knowing why…
but still you were worth a try.

On the corner of tragedy,
all I saw was Fate
Kind of a while,
but it’s
never late.

Staring at stoplights,
all I did was wait,
and still it’s
never late.

On an avenue of blues,
I saw your face…
Making up metaphors, perhaps
a waste.

An avenue of blues
and a clouded sky,
but you were always worth the try.