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The Pigeon

The Pigeon

Got a warm night ahead,
girl in her bed
opens up a window
to let in
some wind.

Got a warm night, a head
in her pillow is hid.
There's a pigeon on a window sill
silently still.

Ya know she’s dreaming again,
girl in her bed -
tears upon a pillow
silently flow.

Ya know she's dreaming again -
incessantly been -
so afraid of heights; yet

Toed a pigeon within.
Now there’s sheets on its skin.
Perched upon a pillow,
ironically low.

Bird’s dreaming within -
in the bed that she’s in...
When you’re left with such reality,
there’s nowhere to go.

The morning's risen again,
with a gust of a wind
that's opened up the eyes
of both the bird and the girl.

Screams and flailing begin -
bird in its sin.
It’s woken up the girl
like Gandhi woke up the world!

From dreaming to screams,
she's closing the things
that once were thought as needed...
like windows and dreams.

From dreaming of things
to washing her sheets,
an invigorated heart
beat's not as it seems.

With the sun in its sky,.
she’s letting ‘em dry
while watching all the birds fly
by as she thinks

that she probably thinks
the same as the bird
that once was sleeping by her side,
dreaming in sheets.

Bird in the sky -
eye to her eye...
She thinks as they fly,
"wouldn't that be neat?"