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lest we forget…

lest we forget…

We fought for peace
and equality
when- ravaged-
the pilgrims decided to leave…
by turning towards those
greater seas.

And, let me say, that I'm so glad we didn't stop there

We fought for peace
and equality
in a revolutionary war…
then again in a civil war…
because we realized
"No Taxation without Representation"
also applied
to the taxing
of our souls.

And I'm so proud to say that we didn't stop there

We extended freedom
and its doors
to be inclusive of women
and of the majority of minorities,
as ironic as that sounds

But why do we stop now?

Have we grown tired of fighting?
Are the causes not so just anymore?
"I would gladly lay down my life
to die for what King and others lived for…
[This is what we've said… This is what we've sworn]

And now who are we
to say the battle's already won…
and done…
when one of our brothers or sisters
in any land on Earth
isn't presented with the freedom they deserve?

So--- REALLY --- Why is it that we've stopped now?