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Why. As an adverb, it's used to ask or talk about the reason, purpose, or cause.

As an interjection, it's used as an exclamation to express surprise, shock, or indignation.

As a conjunction, it's simply "the reason that".

As a noun, it's the reason itself.

As an excuse, there's always someone else who's not using it as he or she is doing the exact same job better than you.

Why. As a morning cry, it's the realization that yet another dream hasn't come true.
Why. As an answer, it's meaningless.
Why. As an answer, at times it's the most valid, profound, and valiant form of action.
Why? Because true change doesn't happen unless you question the way things have been thought throughout the years.

Why. It's a calm and simple question, but at times it's all that can silently be heard through a storm of tears.
Why? Because at times it's all you can sighingly say.
Why, why not, why do we have to go another day living this way?

Why. As a despondent dream, it's one you never should've seen.
Why. As I desolate scream, it's one that shouldn't be.

Why. In my opinion, it's used far too often.
Why? Why must I?
Why not he?
Why not she?
Why not me?

Why. In my opinion, it's not used enough.
Why? Why am I?
Why is he?
Why not me?
Why not now?
Why not change the world I see?

Why- The most asked question on earth.
Why- The least answered question you'll ever find.
But why?...

That's a question I'll leave for you to decide.