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Over the Edge

Over the Edge

From the edge, I've found nothing
but an abyss
I've fallen in love
with just one kiss

that proved to be nothing
as I kept falling down
But now I must climb out
of the love that I've found

So why did I love with all of my might?
Why did I dream with all of my night?
Why did you leave me with all of my plight?
Why was I blinded by a love at first sight?

And with the brightest of halos over her head,
the heaven I've dreamt of was my hell instead
And my dreams became nightmares so trapped in my head
'till they escaped to my heart and left it for dead

From the edge I took one step
and that was all that it took
I was blinded by love
but I just had to look

And now I'm climbing forever
like I've always been-
trying to discover what love's all about

Love's the abyss of which with ease to fall in,
but is the hardest thing to ever climb out